DeMarcus Cousins is Not that Good

We all know DeMarcus Cousins is a pretty good basketball player with a ton of potential. In fact, most fans would consider him a future All-Star.

Unfortunately, his temper tantrums led to the firing of coach Paul Westphal. Because Westphal was not able to control Cousins’ attitude on and off the court, he was fired. The Kings had a 2-5 record at the time of the firing.

My question is: why would you fire a head coach after only 7 games? Was DeMarcus Cousins really good enough to fire your head coach over? If it were up to me, I would’ve traded Cousins and gotten some picks and players out of it. That would have been a win-win situation because: 1) Cousins would’ve been happy on a different team and 2) the Kings would’ve gotten some picks and players in exchange for Cousins.

I almost forgot: 3) They wouldn’t have had to deal with Cousins’ temper tantrums anymore!

Wow I’m almost on a rant here… I just can’t believe how stupid the Kings’  executives are! reports that Westphal was 51-120 with the Kings in his 2 years in Sac City.

Question: do you think the Kings did the right thing? Should they have kept Westphal and traded Cousins? 

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13 responses to “DeMarcus Cousins is Not that Good

  • Mike Patton

    Before we all go blaming everything on Cousins, there were plenty of players that were unhappy about Westphal. I think that Cousins and his incident got the most attention, but he wasn’t the only one. Tyreke Evans is another one that was complaining about him.

    • footballnutz17

      You are correct, I’m sorry I didn’t include that..

      But, remember that Cousins got the most attention for it, plus Evans didn’t make it public by wanting a trade…

      It’s not all Cousins, but if only Tyreke was mildly complaining, Westphal wouldn’t have been fired.

      • Mike Patton

        Also, the Maloofs weren’t aware of the statement that Westphal made about Cousins and that angered them more than anything. That’s more why he was fired. That and players constantly going to management about him and his style.

    • Bobby Charts

      Actually Reke Complained about offense never Westphal as a coach! Last night in post game interview Reke made it very clear he had NO issues with Coach Westphal!

  • thenewsofsports

    I would have traded Cousins and fired Westphal. Westphal’s been around in Sacramento way too long for his record, and the Kings need a change as they need someone who can jumpstart them. I’m not sure Keith Smart is that guy. Cousins should have been sent out, because the Kings should show him that they’re not afraid of him. I’m tired of seeing players bully their teams in sports (Carson Palmer comes to mind, with his retiring threat).

  • Bobby Charts

    The reason Coach Westphal got fired was the way the Kings lost all their games this year. The Cousons thing was a side note, not really the main reason for firing.
    The Kings were last in NBA in assists
    Almost last in points against
    Almost last in assist to Turnover ratio
    Almost last in FG %

    There is even more crazy and very bad stats for the season thus far.

    This is the MAIN reason Westphal was fired!

    And I’m serious as a heart attack DeMarcus Couins in 2 years will be a top 3 center in NBA if not top 2 behind Dwight Howard! Trust Me!

    Thanks for post Steve!

    Go Kings!

  • fantasyfurnace

    There is an unwritten law in the world of sports today that goes, “it’s easier to replace a coach than a marquis player”. We’re not condoning how Cousins acted-just listing a statement of fact. Westphal’s coaching record with the Kings stands at 51-120 and just based on that performance , was totally expendable. More than likely Couisins playing career will last longer than Westphal’s coaching career.

    Another good post!

  • chappy81

    Westpaul didn’t have this team believing in him. He had all of last year to win over the locker room, and after another slow start it wasn’t the most shocking move. Although I’m a little surprised they didn’t let him coach through January, but benching Cousins for a game and a half wasn’t the way to start winning. Is Cousins imature? Obviously, but the skill set he brings is hard to find, so I don’t think trading him for picks or someone else is the right way to go on a very young team already. Especially since he’s cheap for awhile for the penny pinching Maloofs…

  • brief22

    Paul Westphal is not a miracle worker coach. Cousins may be the future of the Kings and keep them in Sacramento. I think it’s worth it, although I do feel horrible for Westphal.

  • Blog Surface

    Hey There,

    That’s a tough one. I agree with you that the Kings should have not fired their coach after 7 games, but I disagree with Cousins not really being good. Bottom line, he is good… he might have some attitude problems, but if you are just reviewing his athletic ability, he is a monster and he has shown it almost every game. Look what happened when he was gone. J.J Hickson was the guy and was posting doubles-doubles… As soon as Cousins came back, Hickson was no longer to be found… I think the Kings should keep Cousins and monitor him throughout the year. If the problem continues, then re-evaluate and see from there.

    Check us out sometime at Blog Surface – I always love a great community of passionate sports fans. Hope to see you soon.


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