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Blog switch AGAIN

hey guys, I know you’re probably tired of me switching between different blog URLS, but I’ve decided to do it again.


The new blog URL is


If you would be so kind, I’d like a couple of you guys to go up there and subscribe to the site.


Thanks in advance to whoever subs

My first post in a while

Alright guys, I’m back in action. After taking a break from blogging, I’ve decided to come back. My previous problem was that I posted too many times, and my writing suffered as a result. In addition, I had a lot of stress as a result of posting every day. That’s why I’ve decided to space out my writing a bit more this time around. I hope my writing will be much better because of it. Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to get back on the old grind again!

Just wondering, how many of you ended up on my old blog page

Sorry for Lack of Content

My loyal readers, I am sorry for the lack of content on my site since Monday. I have not had the ambition to write and I have basketball practice for 3 hours every day now.


I will be taking tomorrow off, and resuming my normal posting on Friday.

Boxing legend Joe Frazier dies at 67

Last night, Smokin’ Joe died of liver cancer. He was 67 when he passed. Frazier will always be remembered for fights including the “Fight of the Century“, the “Thrilla in Manila”, and his fights with George Foreman. I’m sad to say that I never watched him fight in the ring; if only I was born earlier I could’ve witnessed the greatness that is Joe Frazier.

It’s upseting to me that I’ve heard of Muhammad Ali as “The Greatest”, and Joe Frazier as the guy he beat. I don’t think that’s a fair assesment of Joe’s skills; for God’s sake, he was a Heavyweight Champion at one point! He also won aGold Medal at the Olympics.

My friend is a huge Muhammad Ali fan, but he still has a great amount of respect for Joe Frazier. That shows me just how much people cared about him and respected him as well.


I’m gonna go relax now, I’m too tired to write and the NBA Lockout is stuck in my mind. If you’d like to read up on it, read this.

Till next time.



Thank You for the Views

Yesterday, I posted my WS Game 1 recap at round 11 a.m. When I got home from school (3 p.m.), I had a decent 65 views. Now here’s the focus of today’s post: when I checked again at 10 p.m., I had a whopping 324 views! I know some of you are thinking, “This is a sports blog, why is he writing about this?” Well, I have my reasons. I noticed that about 270 of my 324 views came from a website called StumbleUpon. When somebody finds your work interesting, they might click on the ‘Stumble‘ button at the bottom of the post! If that happens, the reader publishes it for millions people to see! If the work keeps getting ‘Stumbled’ (like Digg), it will grow in popularity until the whole Stumble community sees it! Obviously my work didn’t make it that far, but I was still shocked I got so many views just from this one website.

In addition to educating you on, I wanted to say thank you to whoever ‘Stumbled’ my work. To me, this shows much more than just a ‘Like’ or a ‘Comment’. This shows me that you guys want other people to see it, which is just so heartening.

Once again, thank you to whoever Stumbled it, thank you for the subsequent views.

But most of all, thanks for reading!

Till next time,



Hey guys, I’m back!!

Sorry for the loooooonnngg delay between my last-written piece and now, I’ve just been so busy lately. Now that I’m free, you’ll start seeing lot’s more writing going on around here.

To get back into the swing, I’ll be writing about my Madden 12 Franchise with me playing as the Buffalo Bills. Weekly recaps, stats, and wins/losses will be shown. I’d love some feedback on this.

What the hell happened?

I’d never thought I’d see the day where the front headlines are US soccer….US SOCCER! What the hell happened? What happened to the drama of the NBA Finals or the Drama of the Super Bowl? What happened to fantasy football? What happened to drinking beers and eating chips on a Sunday afternoon?

GONE. It’s all GONE.

And it may be gone for quite some time. Although I think the NFL will end the lockout sometime this month, I’m a bit unsure about the NBA. Hell, if the NFL doesn’t sign on the dotted line this week, games WILL be missed. What’s gonna happen to fantasy football then?

SHIT. No fantasy football…

Oh well. On to soccer:

U.S beat Brazil on Penalty Kicks…What? How did U.S beat Brazil? Those damn Brazilians are trained from BIRTH to play soccer, while us Americans are trained to eat cookies and donuts.

Nothin else huge to report, so I’ll leave it at that.


What the hell happened?

Mcllroy Runs Away with U.S Open Title

I don’t normally write about golf, so here goes:


Two months ago, Rory Mcllroy was on pace to win the Masters. However, his brutal collapse forced him to a different place in the tourney: 15th. Many people still think that this guy can be the next Tiger Woods, hopefully minus the sex scandals and whatnot. He’s definitely shown he can keep up with the old chaps, provided that he stays focused. Mcllroy shot a record-breaking 16-under-par at this year’s U.S. Open. This guy can really play; I don’t normally care for golf, but damn do I love watching this guy. Looks like what happened at Augusta didn’t really affect him.

Mcllroy Ahead in U.S. Open

Every golf fanatic remembers Rory Mcllroy chocking late in the 2011 Masters. It almost resembles LeChoke James’ collapse during the NBA Finals, right? So far in the U.S. Open, Mcllroy is shooting a 6-under-par 65 and has a 3 stroke lead over Y.E Yang and Carl Schwartzel. He looks very focused and his shots are right on. Personally, I think he’ll take this lead going into Sunday and close out with the win. Rory is a great golfer, and he knows how to play while ahead. However, he has plenty of time to falter as there are still 3 days of tournament play left. What do you think will happen?

Dan Wheldon Wins 2nd Career Indy 500

Wheldon Won his 2nd Career Indy 500 Sunday

The Indianapolis 500 is one of the most exciting events in the world of sports. From start to finish, the distance traveled by each driver is 500 miles; Thats a lot of gas! The race gets it’s name from the company that sanctions the event (IZOD IndyCar Series). As you might know, I’m not big into racing and I don’t really watch the races at all. However, watching the Indianapolis 500 has become a staple of American history since its opening in 1911 (100 years ago).This year, Englishman Dan Wheldon won the Indy 500. This is his 2nd career 500 win; I’m sure there’s many more to come. Before Wheldon crossed the finish line, rookie J.R. Hildebrand  “slammed into the wall when the Indianapolis 500 checkered flag was in sight” (Credit Subsequently, Wheldon zoomed past J.R’s destroyed car and won the race. The cool thing about this is, nobody had ever heard of Dan Wheldon before Sunday. Now most Americans (certainly all racing fans) will remember his name for years to come.

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