MNF Pick: Giants @ Saints

Our Monday Night game of Week 12 features the 6-4 Giants going to NO to face the 7-3 Saints. This should be a great game to watch, no doubt. New Orleans will look to keep the top spot in the NFC South, while the Giants are looking to tie the Cowboys @ 7-4 for 1st place in the NFC East. A loss for either of these teams will hurt them bad, more so the Giants than Saints. The Giants have a lot of injuries which definitely will not help them against this Saints offense. Speaking of the Saints, their offense is a high-flying acrobatic showcase ready to explode at any moment. Drew Brees will most likely connect on some deep throws in this game; his offensive line will give him ample time to make those throws.

On the other side, we got Eli Manning, Brandon Jacobs and Hakeem Nicks on the Giants offense. Their offensive line is getting old and might falter against the Saints pass rush. Also, the Saints will probably force Manning to air it out by bringing extra men in the box.

Bottom line, New Orleans wins in a close one. The deficit will be within a TD.

SNF Pick: Steelers @ Chiefs

This week’s Sunday Night Football matchup is Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs will have to rely on Tyler Palko to guide them to the playoffs, as it looks like Matt Cassel is done for the year. Arrowhead Stadium is one of the loudest stadiums in the league, so it’ll be difficult for Pittsburgh to call plays and such. The Steelers look like a lock for the playoffs, barring any epic collapses late in the season.

On the other hand, the Chiefs need to win to keep playoff hopes alive.

Overall, I just think Big Ben’s too good to be contained,and with Tyler Palko leading KC’s offense, it looks like a lock for the Steelers.

Steelers OVER Chiefs this week.

Tomorrow, MNF Pick.



Sorry for Lack of Content

My loyal readers, I am sorry for the lack of content on my site since Monday. I have not had the ambition to write and I have basketball practice for 3 hours every day now.


I will be taking tomorrow off, and resuming my normal posting on Friday.

Monday Night Football Pick: KC @ NE

Our matchup for MNF this week is Kansas City @ New England. After losing Matt Cassel AND Jaamal Charles for the season, it doesn’t look good for the Chiefs. I mean, they might be able to get Cassel in the last 2 games, but if they lose any before then, it won’t matter. Anyway, the Chiefs will look to run the ball and pass occasionally, as this is Tyler Palko’s first start @ QB.

Honestly, I’m concerned this game will be boring and not worth watching at all.

On the other side, we’ve got Tom Terrific leading the Patriots against a decent defense. Luckily for them, this game’s in Foxboro. If it were in KC, they would have a hard time communicating with each other on the O-Line.

Not much to talk about, so I’m just gonna say Patriots OVER Chiefs at home.




Sunday Night Football Pick: PHI @ NYG

So far, today’s games have been fun to watch. In fact, some have even gone to the last-minute or OT. This week’s SNF matchup pits the Giants at home against the Philly Eagles. The Eagles are 3-6 and are the opposite of the “Dream Team” moniker bestowed by Vince Young before this season. Speaking of Vince Young, he’ll have to QB this game for the Eagles because Vick is out with 2 cracked ribs. Also, the Eagles will not have Jeremy Maclin in this game, as he’s injured as well. On the plus side, LeSean McCoy has looked like an All-Pro this season, racking up 906 yards, a 5.5 avg, and 10 TD.

On the other side, we’ve got Eli Manning and the Giants coming off that loss to the 49ers. Although the 49ers won fair and square, I think the Giants played a good game and stayed competitive. I think that because the 49ers are a 9-1 team, so staying within a TD of that aint too bad. Although Bradshaw won’t be back, we do get Hakeem Nicks back from injury. Eli has been playing great football and has come up in the clutch when it’s needed the most.

Bottom line, the Giants will need to win this game in order to stay atop the NFC East. I think they’ll do just that: Giants OVER Eagles.




Week 11 Picks

To be honest, I have the exact same picks as my friend jstar1973 (that’s his Twitter handle). So, I’d like to put that link up in this post for you guys to read. The post is short and sweet, so you definitely won’t be bored with 500-word paragraphs:

TNF Pick: Jets @ Broncos

This week’s Thursday Night matchup pits the Denver Broncos at home against the Jets. In my previous post about Tim Tebow, I noted that he’s 3-1 as the Broncos’ starter. Denver is still in the AFC West race.  Their running game has averaged 150+ rushing yards in their last 4 games. Tim Tebow is a very unorthodox QB, which will make it hard for the Jets to defend him.

On the other side, the Jets lost to the Pats last week. They look very un-organized and can’t get it going on either side of the ball, mostly defense.

My mind is not in it right now, so I apologize for the unrelated sentences.

Anyway, my pick is Broncos OVER Jets. I picked ’em because I think Tebow will lead the Broncos to an upset. Also, I bet $1 on them with a friend of mine. Finally, the Jets have only 3 days rest between Sunday’s game and now.




All he needed was God and 2 completions

Throught 10 weeks of the NFL season, the Broncos have looked decent at best. The one bright spot for them? The man drafted outta Flo-rida in 2010: Tim Tebow! He got his 3rd win of the season last Sunday when the Broncos defeated the Chiefs 17-10. Just a couple of weeks ago, people were writing off Tebow after the loss to Detroit. I wasn’t really too much either way on the issue (when it comes to believer/ hater). I will say now that I AM a believer in this guy. He beat the Broncos on two completions. Let me repeat: he beat the Broncos with two completions! One of them was a 50-yard pitch-and-catch to Decker for a TD. On the day, he was 2/8, but still got a QB rating of 102.6! How did he do that? Well, I think it’s because he had that 1 TD and threw no picks. If I had to guess, that would be my first choice. Everybody knows about Tebow praying to God before every game. Unfortunately, some have even started to mock him for it. The act was dubbed “Tebowing”. I don’t think it’s right to make fun of Tebow because he expresses his faith, especially after you just sacked him. The majority of people saw it as funny, but I guess I’m one of the few that saw it as what it really is: disrespectful. Hell, I’m surprised Tulloch didn’t get fined for that act! I thought the rule was that you can’t get down on one knee to celebrate? In addition to Tebow’s amazing stats, he had 43 rushing yards on 9 carries (

This post was requested by a classmate of mine.

Till next time (Rankings!),



Week 11 Power Rankings

This week, it’s me (@TheSportzGuru) and Sam Brief of doin’ Power Rankings. Glad to have my good friend here with me today.

Here goes:

1. Packers 9-0 The Packers are 9-0. Aaron Rodgers is on pace to break at least 5 single-season records. They haven’t lost a game since Week 15 of last year. I mean, what else is there to say about the Pack? Even thought their defense is worse than last years’, Aaron Rodgers makes up for it with his arm AND his legs. I don’t see them losing anytime soon, but mark my words when I say they WILL NOT GO UNDEFEATED this year. @TheSportzGuru
2. 49ers 8-1  The Niners grabbed their biggest statement win all year. A win over the Giants pushes them to 8-1, and with a Packers loss (if it is in the foreseeable future), the 49ers can start talking 1st seed. @SamsSportsBrief
3. Steelers 7-3

The Steelers went to Cincinnati and proved they can compete with them. This just opens up the gap wider as Baltimore AND Cincy lost. That division (AFC North) is really tight., but I think it will be the Bengals who will be the division champs by year’s end. Still, the Steelers, are certainly good enough for a Wild Card. But, they’ll have to do better than Baltimore, who swept them this year. @TheSportzGuru

4.Patriots      6-3  After a devastating 2 game losing streak, Tom Brady and the Patriots responded with a much needed 37-16 win over the Jets in New York. There was really no reason to doubt Tom Brady (America’s sweetheart) in the first place, was there? @SamsSportsBrief
5. Saints 7-3 The Saints won in OT last week, largely due to a stupid coaching decision by Mike Smith. Why go for it in your own territory IN OT? Like Tony Dungy said on the SNF pregame show, you need to think: “What will happen if we don’t get this 1st down?” Obviously, Smith wasn’t thinking this and it cost him. Nonetheless, the Saints won fair and square. They’re looking good with some ground over the Falcons, Bucs, and Panthers in the NFC South. @TheSportzGuru
6.Ravens  6-3  The Ravens have now stamped in their legacy as the most inconsistent team in the NFL. Following a gargantuan win in Pittsburgh, the Ravens were duped by the lowly Seahawks. In the words of the legendary Vince Lombardi, “What the hell is goin’ on out here?” @SamsSportsBrief
7. Giants 6-3
The Giants are down in the rankings after last week’s loss to the 49ers. They looked a bit out of sync. While Victor Cruz can certainly make the big plays, he can also make some costly mistakes. Still, I see this team as being AT LEAST a Wild Card winner, and with next week’s game against the woeful Eagles, I think the Giants have a bright future. @TheSportzGuru
8.Bears  6-3
The Bears are now on a magical 4-game winning streak and in second place in the NFC North. It really is hard to believe just how much this team has turned around, but they really are clicking on all cylinders. This year, in every game that Matt Forte has scored a touchdown, the Bears have won. @SamsSportsBrief
9. Texans 7-3
The Texans just lost Matt Schaub for the season, so they have to rely on Matt Leinart to get them into the playoffs. So far in the season they’ve looked impressive on the ground and through the air, but I’m skeptical about Leinart. Either way, I still think this Texans team is a playoff team. @TheSportzGuru
10.Lions  6-3  The Lions are coming off of a crushing 37-13 loss in Chicago. Since the Lions huge Monday Night win to escalate them to 5-0, they have lost 3 of their last 4. Do I hear a collapse? @SamsSportsBrief
11. Bengals 6-3
The Bengals took the loss last week from Big Ben and the Steelers. Through 10 weeks, they’ve looked very impressive considering they have a rookie at QB and WR. Their defense has kept them in games and the offense has been able to finish and put enough points on the board to win. They are my pick to win the AFC North. @TheSportzGuru
12.Falcons  5-4   Mike Smith faced criticism after going for it (and failing) on a 4th and inches in overtime. The Falcons went on to lose to the Saints, 26-23. This puts the Falcons’ playoff chances in jeopardy. @SamsSportsBrief
13. Bills 5-4
 The Bills got destroyed by the Cowboys on the road last week. Although they’ve hit a bump in the road, they will get out of it soon enough. The Patriots won their game against the Jets, taking charge in the AFC East. The Bills still have a chance to sneak into the playoffs, but if they really want it, it’s gotta start now. @TheSportzGuru
14.Jets  5-4  After an emotional high following a 3-game winning streak, the Jets were handed their first home loss at the hands of the rival Patriots. I think there is serious question about their defense, as they have given up an average of 30.2 points per game. @SamsSportsBrief
15.Raiders 5-4
The Raiders beat the Chiefs last week to move to 5-4. They are 1st in the AFC West, but that can change very quickly. In order to keep this lead, they’ll have to keep playing at a high level and “Just win, baby!”
16.Cowboys  5-4  The Cowboys are now on a season-high 2-game winning streak! The ‘Boys beat up on the Bills this week, 44-7. Tony Romo played a near-perfect game (148.4 passer rating) for the first time all season. I think we have come to a conclusion that it Romo plays well, the Cowboys will win. @SamsSportsBrief
17. Bucs 4-5
The Bucs took a brutal loss to the Texans last week. They are in 2nd place in their division, behind the high-powered Saints. Unless the Bucs pick it up soon, it looks like the Saints will win the division. Also, it looks like there are better Wild Card candidates out there than the Bucs. @TheSportzGuru
18.Chargers  4-5
Do you remember when the Chargers were 4-1? Because following a Thursday Night loss to the Raiders, the dismal Chargers are now on a 4-game losing streak. This is an unfortunate collapse, as Phillip Rivers has been well under-par, the Chargers now face a Bears team on a 4-game winning streak. At least one streak will end! @SamsSportsBrief
19. Titans 5-4 The Titans looked sharp last week v. the Panthers. Chris Johnson had his first 100-yard game since the NFL Lockout, the defense sacked Killer Cam 5 times, and Hasselbeck looks like the vet he always has been! Seriously thought, I don’t think the Titans can keep this up for long. If Johnson somehow surpasses 1,000 yards on the season, I’ll be amazed. @TheSportzGuru
20.Chiefs  4-5
 After a surprising 3-game winning streak for the Chiefs, they have now lost 2 games in a row to teams with a combined record of 6-12. The Chiefs are like a mountain; up and down, and up and down, and eventually, down to last place in the AFC West. @SamsSportsBrief
21. Eagles 3-6
 The Eagles…where to start? They benched DeSean Jackson (rightfully so), can’t get in the endzone, and can’t stop the pass! Why can’t they stop the pass? Didn’t they go out and get DRC and Nnamdi? I can’t figure this team out, I swear this is harder than my math homework. @TheSportzGuru
22.Broncos  4-5
The Broncos are simply a different team with Tim Tebow leading the charge, as they are 3-1 with him as the starter. Tebow was 2-for-8, with a touchdown on Sunday, but it was enough to win, and that’s what matters. For those Tebow non-believers, here’s a stat: Tim Tebow had the highest completion-to-touchdown ratio this week: 2 to 1! Keep Tebowing, keep Tebowing. @SamsSportsBrief
23. Redskins 3-6
The ‘Skins surprisingly have the same record as the Eagles (3-6). They are on a 5-game losing streak. While I would say this team is ready to win one, I’m not confident enough to say that. Grossman first, then Beck, now Grossman again? Never a good idea to switch QB’s halfway through the season. @TheSportzGuru
24.Cardinals 3-6   Grizzled veteran John Skelton had a career day in Philly this week, finishing with 315 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Cardinals are 2-0 this year with the All-Pro Skelton taking snaps. @SamsSportsBrief
25. Browns 3-6
The Browns lost last week to the Rams. If you lost to the Rams this season, either you SUCK, or you had a bad game (Saints). In this case, it’s the former that is true. No way the Browns are making playoffs, especially with the Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals in the same division. @TheSportzGuru
26.Panthers  2-7  The 2-7 Panthers were held to only 3 points this week in a 30-3 loss to the Titans. After the game, when Cam Newton was asked if he had ever been a part of a game where his team didn’t score a touchdown, he simply replied, “No.” @SamsSportsBrief
27. Jaguars 3-6  The Jaguars beat the Colts last week. Is that even worth mentioning? Jags should keep fighting hard and do the best they can. I think they’re good enough to upset a few teams. @TheSportzGuru
28.Dolphins  2-7  The surging fins are now on a season-high 2-game winning streak (oh wait, they have only won 2 games all year). If the Dolphins win each of their last 7 games, then they won’t make the playoffs. What an inspiring and riveting situation down in South Beach. @SamsSportsBrief
29. Seahawks 3-6 The Seahawks beat the Ravens last week. Fluke? I think so. The Ravens showed the week before that they can beat the Steelers. So if they can beat the Steelers, they can beat most teams in the NFL.
30.Rams 2-7  In a game-of-the-year candidate, the lowly Rams defeated the lowly Browns in a 13-12 shootout. Listen, the Rams are going nowhere, as they have been outscored this year, 223-113. @SamsSportsBrief
31. Vikings 2-7 The Vikings lost to the Packers last week, but I give them some credit. Even thought they haven’t been on track this season, they do have a rookie QB at the helm this year. @TheSportzGuru
32. Colts 0-9  The Colts are bad. Yah. @SamsSportsBrief

NBPA Reject Newest Deal, will Seek to Disband

Yesterday, the NBPA rejected the latest deal offered by David Stern and the NBA. When I read about it last night, I was heartbroken. All I thought about at that point was when the NFL decertified and it took forever for them to get a deal done. Luckily for us NFL fans, they decertified around March of last year. This gave them enough time before the season started (September) to get the deal done. Unfortunately for the NBA fans, they will start this process sometime this week or next week, which is already 3 weeks into the season as opposed to 6 months before. I’ve also heard that the decertification process takes at least 60 days, which means until mid-February we won’t be having basketball. The players union said they are planning on filing an antitrust lawsuit against the league. Personally, I don’t see them winning this lawsuit. They have no leverage over the owners and the lockout doesn’t seem to be illegal (I could be wrong here, however). Union president Derek Fisher said to ESPN: “This is the best decision for the players” ( Um, in what world? This is definitely not the best decision, most players can’t live if there isn’t a season! He’s only looking out for the high-profile players (10% of the league), which is really sad considering it’s his last year playin’ basketball. I’m happy and sad about this news at the same time. You must be thinking “Why is this guy happy about the lockout?”. I’m happy because I made a bet with my friend that there will be no NBA season this year. He’s a huge NBA fan and I took him up on the bet for $1. I see it as a win-lose either way for me and him, but you can’t go all in every time, can you? I certainly never have…


Getting back to the lockout, I don’t know who’s to blame. I guess it’s just like any argument: both sides are at fault. Both the NBA and the NBPA are too greedy and should’ve agreed on the 50/50 split offered by the owners last week. That was the fairest deal possible, yet Fisher and Hunter still declined it. To me, it seems like the union is only controlled by 2 guys: Hunter and Fisher, as opposed to the whole player body having a say. I’m not saying every single player in the league should have a vote. Doesn’t each team have a representative that attends these negotiations? It seems like they aren’t really voicing their opinion; it’s more like Fisher, Hunter, and some high-profile players jeopardizing the season for a few more $ millions.

For your viewing pleasure, I have attached a PDF file below. The file is a summary of the latest proposal the players just rejected. I found it on