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Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Tonight, the Ravens travel to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers. The Steelers, having home-field advantage, also have the edge in this game. I think Big Ben will find Mike Wallace open downfield for multiple big gains. That would open up holes for Mendenhall and Redman. On the other side, I don’t think Joe Flacco (overrated) will be able to pass the ball against the Steel Curtain tonight. Football fans should rename the defense the “Steel Wall”, because they’re much stronger than a curtain. Also, Flacco really doesn’t have any receivers to throw to besides Boldin and Smith. He’ll probably look for Ray Rice or Ricky Williams on flare routes. Ultimately, I think the Steelers’ offense will be too much for Baltimore to handle.

Prediction: Steelers OVER Ravens

Chicago Bears @ Philadelphia Eagles

I have to go with the Eagles in this one after their rout of Dallas last week. Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy, and Jeremy Maclin will be too hard for Urlacher and the Bears to contain. Notice how I didn’t mention DeSean? It’s because he hasn’t performed this season. Maclin is seen as a more consistent receiver. Also, you don’t know what you’re gonna get with Jay Culter. He can be John Elway, or he can be JaMarcus Russell. We all know Forte is a beast, but he’s the only sure think for that offense.

Prediction: Eagles OVER Bears

Till next time,



Week 9 Power Rankings

This is the Third Edition of the NFL Power Rankings and I am pretty excited to have two knowledgeable football analysts with me to help with the rankings. We have taken the average of the three analysts votes. Each analyst has ranked the teams as they choose 1-32 and we have added comments for each team. I am Steve Hromin, of The Sportz Guru, based out of Nassau County in New York. I, too provide in-depth game breakdowns and predictions of every game and havecoverage of all of the four major sports on my site!!!

Our second analyst today is Sam Brief, of Sam’s Sports Brief, a 14 year old who created Sam’s Sports Brief to give you a refreshing new perspective on the wild world of sports. He hopes to someday become a sports broadcaster or a sports writer and he’s following his dreams, providing readers with a wealth of information and keen perspective.

Last but not least, I am working with JB Knox, co-creator of The Daily Beans and writer of the Inside The Knox Score NFL Game Predictions as well as the well-documented “Occupy Lansdowne Street” article posted on The Baseball Page. He is a fantastic writer who is a total workhorse and just has a knack for saying the right things.

So without further ado, here are the NFL Week 9 Power Rankings. Comments and debates are highly recommended and encouraged on all three websites!!! Hope You Enjoy!!!

With the Packers and Steelers ranked #1 and #2, we couldn’t help but pose the question: Will the Packers and Steelers face-off once again in the Super Bowl?

1. Packers  7-0 The 7-0 Packers are coming off of their bye week. I think at the halfway point of the season it’s fair to say that Aaron Rodgers is the midseason MVP. When a player leads the league in passer rating, TDs, and completion %, all while leading his team to a perfect record, how can he not be the MVP? Also, the odds of the Packers finishing the season at a perfect 16-0: 5.3%, but hey they can make it happen. @SamsSportsBrief Sam’s Sports Brief
2. Steelers 6-2 They have the hottest QB in the league in Roethlisberger, 4 straight wins and the 1st ranked passing defense in the NFL. They are coming off perhaps their biggest win of the season and look to take sole lead of the AFC North with back-to-back games vs. the Ravens and Bengals. Will the Lamar Woodley injury slow this defense down as they look for sweet revenge this week is a big question @TheKnoxScore  DBSports
3. 49ers 6-1 After a win against the Browns last week and a Patriots loss (to Pittsburgh), the 9ers are sitting at 3rd best in the league. Jim Harbaugh is proving that you don’t need talent to win games: you need heart. San Fran’s ability to run the ball AND stop the run on D makes them hard to beat. It will be interesting to see if they can keep this going and finish as one of the best teams in the league. @TheSportzGuru The Sportz Guru
4. Patriots 5-2 The Patriots are coming off of a devastating loss at the hands of the Steelers. With this loss, many questions begin to arise about the Patriots depth on both offense and defense. I think everyone should just chill out, it’s just 1 loss, and Tom Brady is still taking snaps for the Pats (that’s a good thing). @SamsSportsBrief Sam’s Sports Brief
5. Ravens 5-2 With the game of the week coming up on the road vs the Steelers and the division lead on the line, the Ravens will have to play much better than they have over their last weeks. Turnovers, special teams and costly penalties are killing their play lately. The vaunted Steel Curtain will be a tough match-up against an offense that has been very inconsistent this season. @TheKnoxScore  DBSports
6. Lions 6-2 After crushing the hopeless Broncos and Tim Tebow the Lions head into their bye week looking to get a little bit healthier. Stafford’s ankle will have time to heal as the Lions get two weeks to prepare for a big road game against the Bears. A win in that game should put the Bears playoff hopes in doubt. With newly signed safety Chris Harris on the squad, the Chicago Bears better change-up their playbook quickly. @TheKnoxScore  DBSports
7. Bills 6-2 The Bills won last week against the Redskins. They executed on offense and created turnovers on D. That, my friends, is a recipe for success. We think they’ll be able to keep this going throughout the year. @TheSportzGuru The Sportz Guru
8. Saints 5-3 To be honest, I’m surprised the Saints are ranked this high. They handed St. Louis their FIRST WIN OF THE SEASON. Remember guys, we are in WEEK 9. To be honest, I just think Brees had a off-day, and as a result the offense as a whole was sub-par at best. @TheSportzGuru The Sportz Guru
9. Falcons 4-3 The Falcons are coming off of their bye week. Their last game was a statement win over the Lions in Detroit. This Falcons team is starting to look like the 13-3 Falcons of yesteryear. @SamsSportsBrief Sam’s Sports Brief
10. Bengals 5-2 Here’s a shocker: The Bengals are 5-2. If you look more deeply into that record you will find out that this is a team whose wins are against teams with a combined record of just 12-24! They have only played 2 teams with winning records this year, and the Bengals are a team on whose bandwagon I have yet to jump. @SamsSportsBrief Sam’s Sports Brief
11. Giants 5-2 The Giants looked a bit shaky last week at home vs Miami as they may have been looking ahead to this week’s game at New England. The talented Pierre-Paul will try to duplicate the pressure the Steelers put on Brady. This may just slow the Pats down enough for Eli Manning and his talented receivers Manningham and Cruz. @TheKnoxScore  DBSports
12. Texans 5-3 The Texans beat Jacksonville last week, which I thought was impressive considering they came off that MNF W against the Ravens. Remember, in that game, the Jags shut down their offense and didn’t let them work. Getting back to Houston, Arian Foster is in full stride now and Matt Schaub should be getting back Andre Johnson this week. Look out for this team, I’m expecting big things from them soon. @TheSportzGuru The Sportz Guru
13. Jets 4-3 The Jets have a chance to get back in the race in the AFC East as they face off against the Buffalo Bills this weekend. They seem to be hitting their stride and are coming off a bye week. Burress will be more acclimated to the offense, Mangold is a bit healthier and that passing defense will have a big say this week vs Ryan Fitzpatrick. @TheKnoxScore  DBSports
14. Eagles 3-4 Wow, the Eagles did WORK on Sunday Night. They completely dismantled the Cowboys and kept the offense pouring. More importantly, they let LeSean McCoy take over and score 2 TD’s! Even thought they haven’t lived up to the “Dream Team” status, they are working towards that. Boy, they sure did LOOK like a dream team last Sunday huh! @TheSportzGuru The Sportz Guru
15.Bears 4-3 The controversial and oft-criticized Bears are coming off of their bye week following a win in London over Tampa. The Bears’ offense has scored 170 points this year. At this point last year, they had scored just 126. They have a colossal matchup in Philly on Monday Night. @SamsSportsBrief Sam’s Sports Brief
16. Chiefs 4-3 The Chiefs are now 4-0 this season when they win the turnover ratio. They have done so in their last 4 games recording 8 interceptions in their last two as well as taking the AFC West lead away from the SD Chargers. They could very easily make it 6 straight wins with their next two games vs the Dolphins and Broncos. A key player of late has been Brandon Flowers, who has been shutting down the oppositions best receivers in his last 2 games. @TheKnoxScore  DBSports
17. Chargers 4-3 What has happened to the Chargers lately? They have been melting in the second half of games this season. Their red-zone efficiency is inefficient and Philip Rivers has thrown 11 INTS already this season to go along with his game losing fumble against the KC Chiefs on Monday Night. Will he be repeating “This is the worst day ever” this Sunday when he faces Clay Matthews and the ball-hawking Charles Woodson vs Green Bay? Very likely. @TheKnoxScore  DBSports
18. Buccaneers 4-3 The Bucs were off last week with a bye. Nothing new to report, maybe they will rebound after their Week 7 loss to Chicago? We’ll have to wait and see. @TheSportzGuru The Sportz Guru
19. Cowboys 3-4 The ‘Boys looked like crap last week against the Eagles, plain and simple. They kinda looked like the old “Dream Team” Eagles before they found their stride (in this game, no less). Jason Garrett and Rob Ryan need to work together and find a solution to this problem. @TheSportzGuru The Sportz Guru
20. Titans 4-3 Here’s a thought: The Titans should bench Chris Johnson (yes I just said it). Johnson has 107 carries for 302 yards (no, you didn’t read that wrong). That’s 2.8 yards per carry. Your franchise player who is getting paid $53 million cannot put up those kind of numbers. The Titans are having an okay season, but they can accel if they change Johnson’s position from starting running back to left (or right) bench. @SamsSportsBrief Sam’s Sports Brief
21. Raiders 4-3 They are coming off a much needed bye week as they look to get Carson Palmer more familiar with the offense as well as hope that Darren McFadden is ready and healthy for this week’s game at home vs the woeful Tebow-led Broncos. They should be very hungry after getting blanked and embarrassed two weeks ago vs KC and this is the perfect team to face for them before San Diego. @TheKnoxScore  DBSports
22. Browns 3-4 The Browns are just one of THOSE teams. By ‘those teams’ I mean the ones that just hover around .500 all season and have no offensive firepower, and score less than a baseball team. The Browns have not scored 20 points all season, and in the last 2 games have scored just 3 and 10 points. (Sounds like the Yankees’ scores if you ask me). @SamsSportsBrief Sam’s Sports Brief
23. Panthers 2-6 The Panthers lost at the hands of the Vikings last week (called it :) ). Even though Cam played pretty well (as usual), they still lost. In order to win, this defense will just have to bear down and stop the big plays, and until they do that I don’t see them winning. @TheSportzGuru The Sportz Guru
24. Redskins 3-4 Train Rex or Beck? That is the question. The way their offense looked last week North of the Border, I would choose direct snaps and the wildcat for the near future. Shanahan and his QB shuffle has this offense sputtering as the Skins have been in a free-fall for weeks now. Oh and they just happen face the NFL’s best defense in the San Fransisco 49ers this weekend. Things do not look good. @TheKnoxScore  DBSports
25. Vikings 2-6 The Vikings beat the Panthers this week, but only moved up a couple spots. Even though the Vikings won, we still think the Panthers will be a better team looking at the big picture. Looks like they’ve found their future in Christian Ponder, though. @TheSportzGuru The Sportz Guru
26. Jaguars 2-6 After an inspiring Monday Night win over the Ravens, the Jaguars got a flash of reality. They found themselves on the losing end of an AFC South battle to the Texans. Listen, this team is going nowhere. With an average defense, a struggling rookie QB, and a below-par coach, there needs to be major change in Jacksonville (or should I say JAGSonville). @SamsSportsBrief Sam’s Sports Brief
27. Cardinals 1-6 Kevin Kolb may be out this week for Arizona, but they have showed recently that they are willing to fight and force teams to earn their victories, which says a lot about the team’s respect for  coach, Ken Whisenhunt. The lone bright spots for the Cards this season have been Larry Fitzgerald and the improved play of Patrick Peterson, who had an impressive punt-return TD in Baltimore last week. @TheKnoxScore  DBSports
28. Rams 1-6 The Rams went up a spot this week after defeating the Saints. From here on out, they’ll have to show us they know how to beat the big boys if they want to hold this spot. Hopefully, Bradford can get healthy so they can start winning some games. @TheSportzGuru The Sportz Guru
29. Seahawks 2-5 Like the Browns, the Seahawks are one of THOSE teams. In the past 2 weeks, they have scored 3 and 12 points! How great! No team led by the two-headed monster of Tavaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst is going anywhere. @SamsSportsBrief Sam’s Sports Brief
30. Broncos 2-5 The Broncos took the loss last week to the Lions 45-10. People were Tebowing all over the field, and in their living rooms too! No hope for this team this year… @TheSportzGuru The Sportz Guru
31. Dolphins 0-7 The Fins almost pulled out a win in NY last week vs the G-Men and Reggie Bush rushed for his second career 100 yard game. If they could only fix the passing game on both sides of the ball they may may have had a chance to pull out a couple of wins this season. A visit to noisy Arrowhead Stadium looms ahead. @TheKnoxScore  DBSports
32. Colts 0-8 The Colts are a mess. They have a 2.2% chance of becoming the second team in NFL history to go 0-16. But hey, they’re halfway there! @SamsSportsBrief Sam’s Sports Brief

Whoa we’re halfway there!” The Colts are 0-8, which means that they’re ‘Halfway There’ on their road to 0-16.

This week was a very interesting one in terms of our individual rankings. Sam and JB both had the Steelers ranked at #2, while I put the 49ers at #2. All of us had a different #6: Sam had the Lions, JB had the Bills, and I had the Saints. The Eagles also had a lot of diversity, while Sam and JB both were obviously convinced by their win, and had them at #14, I had less faith in them , and put them at #17. Another interesting topic is the Chiefs and Chargers: While Sam and I both had the Chiefs (who have won 4 in a row after an 0-3 start) ranked in front of the Chargers, JB still had the Chargers in the drivers’ seat ahead of the Chiefs. The Panthers drew some of the most change this week: Sam and JB both put them at #23, while I had them all the way down at #28. The Vikings also had various different rankings, while JB and I were close at ranking them #24 and #26, Sam had them all the way down at #30. The Broncos and Rams drew the most diversity of all the teams: For the Broncos, Sam had them at #25, JB ranked them at #28, and I had them down in the dumps at #31. In terms of the Rams, Sam and JB both ranked them at 29, while I obviously thought their win over the Saints wasn’t a fluke, and had them all the way at #22! At the very bottom of the rankings, there was one consensus: All three of us ranked the lowly, depressing Colts at #32.

I guess we can always agree on futility.

Week 8 Picks

Is it just me, or was Week 7 a pretty bad week of football? I thought it was bad; hopefully Week 8 will be much better.

New Orleans Saints @ St. Louis Rams

This is a total mis-match: the Saints are rolling and the Rams are sucking. New Orleans is coming off that huge blow-out win against the Colts, while the Rams are coming off DeMarco Murray’s 253 rushing yards. Saints win big.

Prediction: Saints OVER Rams

Brees will lead his team to victory today against the lowly Rams (drewbreesjersey.com) .

Miami Dolphins @ New York Giants

As I’ve stated before, I’m a Giants fan. However, I don’t think that’ll sway my pick too much: even Dolphins fans don’t think they’re gonna win! If Matt Moore plays like he usually does, the Giants will win big. But, if Eli throws 3 picks, the Dolphins have a slight chance to take the lead in the 3rd Quarter. That would force the Giants to rally together and come back. Giants win by about 21.

Prediction: Giants OVER Dolphins

Manning will be the difference maker in today's game vs. the Dolphins (blog.lehighvalleylive.com)-Photo Cred.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans

Week 7’s MNF game showed us that the Jags can beat a Top 5 team. They won that game because of their defense. Can they do the same this week against the Texans. I think they WILL work together on defense and make it hard for the Texans to score. You can’t forget that Andre Johnson will not be playing today, which will already make it hard for Schaub to get it going through the air.

Prediction: Jaguars OVER Texans

Gabbert will look to find a hole in the Texans defense today (pictures.zimbio.com)

Arizona Cardinals @ Baltimore Ravens

Although the Ravens lost last week against the Jaguars, I don’t think they’re bad enough to lose to the Cards. Baltimore picks it up this week and starts something on the ground with Ray Rice.

Prediction: Ravens OVER Cardinals

Rice will explode today against the Cardinals (images.paraorkut.com)

Minnesota Vikings @ Carolina Panthers

Wow, this is a tough one to pick. The new-look Vikings with Christian Ponder look pretty good, and the Panthers with Cam Newton also look good. I think the Vikings are more desperate for a win, plus they have AP who is a LOT better than DeAngelo Williams. Vikings win in a close one.

Prediction:Vikings OVER Panthers

Ponder will be the difference maker in today's game vs. the Panthers (profootballzone.com)

Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans

Tennessee is coming off a 41-7 beat-down via the Texans. The Colts are coming off a lose (as usual) via the Saints, 62-7. How do you give up 62 points anyway? Tennessee and their QB Matt Hasselbeck-RB CJ2K combo win.

Prediction: Titans OVER Colts

Hasselbeck has revived his career in Tennessee (pictures.zimbio.com)

Detroit Lions @ Denver Broncos

Detroit is on a 2-game losing streak after starting the year 5-0. The Broncos are coming off a win in Miami (comeback style). Even though Broncos have the “momentum”, their win was against MIAMI. They should be disappointing that they were down 15-0 in the first place! I think Detroit rebounds and improves to 6-2.

Prediction: Lions OVER Broncos

Megatron will take over this game vs. the Broncos (fantasyknuckleheads.com)

Washington Redskins @ Buffalo Bills

The Redskins lost last week to the Panthers, while the Bills were on a bye. This isn’t  home-away matchup really for either team (they are playing in Toronto, not Buffalo). I still think Buffalo’s the better team. They will win at the Rogers Centre.

Prediction: Bills OVER Redskins

Fitz looks like a new QB in Buffalo this year (nfltouchdown.com)

Cincinnati Bengals @ Seattle Seahawks

Last weeks pitiful 6-3 defeat at the hands of the Browns took a toll on these ‘Hawks. Cincinnati is looking like the better team halfway through the season. BUT, without Ced Benson this week, the Seahawks will take advantage by forcing Dalton to really throw the ball a lot. Seattle wins in an upset.

Prediction: Seahawks OVER Bengals

Lynch put da team on his back! (videogonviral.co)

New England Patriots @ Pittsburgh Steelers

This is touted as the Game of the Week by fans across the country. The Patriots are coming off a bye, while the Steelers are coming off a win in Arizona. Considering Belichick has never lost the game after the bye week, I’m gonna chose the Patriots.

Prediction: Patriots OVER Pittsburgh

Brady is looking great so far this year. (pictures.zimbio.com)

Cleveland Browns @ San Fran 49ers

The 49ers are a Top 5 team so far, earning a 5-1 record through 6 games. I don’t think the Browns have the firepower to stop them, not this year at least. If this matchup was last year, I’d probably chose the Browns.

Prediction: 49ers OVER Browns

Gore will lead his team on the ground today (images.paraorkut.com)

SNF Pick coming later today

Till next time,



Monday Night Football recap: JAC 12,BAL 7

What a horrible game played by these two teams! The only touchdown of the game was scored in the 4th Quarter and Baltimore had only 2 first downs all game! The Jaguars defense looked extremely impressive against a normally-potent BAL offense. Cornerback Rashean Mathis smothered these Ravens receivers in man coverage; that’s the reason why Flacco couldn’t throw the ball. Flacco finished with a  passer rating of 61, while Gabbert finished with a rating of 59. Josh Scobee hit 4 field goals, 3 of them being 50+ yards. That’s some major fantasy points right there! Something was wrong with MJD, as he fumbled 3 times. Good thing is, he only lost 1 of those fumbles.

In all honest, I thought this was gonna be like the Saints-Colts game 2 nights ago (Ravens blowing out the Jaguars). The game did not happen that way, and instead we were treated to a defensive battle. But when you think of Jaguars, do you think defense? No, when you think of Baltimore, you think defense.

Mathis was all over the Ravens receivers yesterday

Also, I must admit that my prediction was wrong. I chose the Ravens to blow out the Jaguars last night. I don’t think anyone saw this game coming. I even highlighted why the Ravens are so much better than the Jaguars! Unfortunately, none of that stuff matters when they go out and play the game: it’s who wants it more, that’s who’ll win the game.

Till tomorrow (when we do the power rankings),



MNF Preview: Ravens @ Jaguars

This week’s MNF matchup pits the Baltimore Ravens against the Jacksonville Jaguars. To be honest, I wish this was a better matchup; I don’t wanna wind down my Monday with Ravens/Jaguars! But, we’ll have to live with it for this week. The Ravens will win this game easily. They have a Top 5 defense (as usual) and their offense isn’t looking too shabby either. On the other hand, the Jags offense is led by rookie Blaine Gabbert (never a good idea having a rook start at QB). He’s not a bad QB, he just hasn’t developed yet or gotten used to the speed of the NFL. MJD still looks good, but when he’s your only guy on offense, defenses stack the box with 8 or 9. That puts pressure on Gabbert to 1. Make a good read and 2. Make a good throw to the open receiver. Playing at home doesn’t help the Jag’s much in this game.

Lewis will lead the Ravens to a victory on MNF

There are many differences between these two teams:

1. The Ravens will make the playoffs (the Jags will not)

2. The Ravens have an established QB (the Jags do not)

3. The Ravens have a great defense (the Jags do not)

4. The Ravens have scored 148 pts this season (the Jags have scored half that)

Can you highlight some key similarities between these teams?

Till tomorrow,



Week 6 Picks 2nd Half

Cleveland Browns @ Oakland Raiders

Last week, the Raiders came from behind to beat the Texans after the death of owner Al Davis. Can they use this momentum to beat the Browns at home? The Browns are looking decent now (2-2), and they’re coming off a Week 5 bye. I think Cleveland pulls this one out on the road, but I imagine this being a close one.

Prediction: Browns over Raiders by 6

Will the Real McCoy show his face in Oakland this weekend? Photo cred cdn.blearcherreport.net

Houston Texans @ Baltimore Ravens

We’ve got a great matchup in this one: the 3-2 Texans and the 3-1 Ravens. Both teams are looking great on both sides of the ball, so expect a close game here. If Matt Schaub doesn’t force balls into coverage, the Texans have a good chance of winning. However, the Ravens are coming off a bye. Because of this, they will be fresh to start the game which will make things worse for the Texans.

Prediction: Texans over Ravens by 3

Schaub will spread the ball around and keep the defense guessing. Photo cred images.paraorkut.com

New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Saints offense is still looking good; Brees, Thomas, and Graham are all contributing enough to score 30. On the other hand, the Bucs got blown out by the 49ers last week 48-3. Now that Tampa Bay’s at home, will they do better and finally get back on track? The average offensive ranking for the Bucs is 25th. To add insult to injury, their defense isn’t holding up. Despite the fact they’re home, I think they’ll still find a way to lose to the Saints and their high-powered offense.

Prediction: Saints over Bucs by 27

Graham is contributing nicely to this offense. Photo cred pictures.zimbio.com

Dallas Cowboys @ New England Patriots

This is my GAME OF THE WEEK. That basically means that this will be the best game to watch in Week 60. The Cowboys really haven’t done anything great yet; I don’t see why we should see them in the same class as the Patriots. They look undisciplined and sloppy (like the Eagles), while the Patriots are scoring points left and right.

Prediction: Patroits over Cowboys by 21

Brady will use his offensive weapons to beat the 'Boys. (yardbarker.com) Photo Cred

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears

Both these teams are still looking for their identity this season. The Vikings need Adrian Peterson to run the ball well today, but that might be a tall order against this stout Bears D. On the other side, Chicago needs to get it going on offense. Maybe give the ball to Forte a bit more? Whatever the case is, Jay Cutler looks rattled and coördinator Mike Martz needs to figure it out now!

Prediction: Vikings over Bears by 7

AP needs to do good tomorrow if the Vikings want a shot at winning. Photo cred ladiesdotdotdot.foles.wordpress.com


Till next time,



Sunday Night Football preview: Jets @ Ravens

Today we were treated with great Week 4 action, but that doesn’t mean it has to end. Tonight’s game pits the New York Jets and the Baltimore Ravens for a showdown with Baltimore. Mark Sanchez and Joe Flacco going at it, what a matchup!

On one side, we’ve got a RB that hasn’t found his stride yet, vs. a RB that’s off to a scorching-hot start. The real question is which RB will do better in this game? It has to be Ray Rice. I also think Joe Flacco will get the better of the Jets D, connecting with Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith for some scores.

Who's gonna win? Comment your thoughts.

Final score: BAL 31, NYJ 28

NFL Week 3 Picks

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Carolina Panthers

After Cam Newtons crazy Week 1 performance, we didn’t think much of it, mainly because it was against a sub-par Arizona defense. He needed to prove himself against Green Bay the next week. And you know what? He did. Another dazzling performance by the rook out of Auburn showed us he might just be the real deal. He’ll take the momentum from those two starts into Week 3, when he’ll face a Jaguars defense with a lot of question marks across the field.

On the opposition, we got rook Blaine Gabbert getting the start at QB with MJD at RB. Overall I like Gabbert, but not over Killer Cam.

Final score: CAR 24, JAC 17

San Fransisco 49ers @ Cincinnati Bengals

This matchup pits two weak teams head-to-head. The 49ers got Vernon Davis and Frank Gore as their offensive weapons, with Patrick Willis anchoring that defense. The Bengals are in a clear state of rebuilding, with rookie Andy Dalton at Quarterback and A.J Green at Wide Reciever. I don’t expect the Bengals going over 4-12 this year. This is more of a defensive-oriented matchup because the offenses are fairly balanced.

Final score: 49ers: 17, CIN 14

Miami Dolphins @ Cleveland Browns

Last week, Fins’ QB Chad Henne had an amazing performance against the New England defense. However, the running game wasn’t able to get started at all. Miami will win this game if they can get something going on the ground. Miami has the slight edge in this matchup because they’re QB is a bit more experienced.

The Browns have sophomore Colt Mccoy at Quarterback and Madden 12 cover-boy Peyton Hillis as their Running Back. Their win last week came at the hands of the helpless Colts, so just because they’re 1-1 doesn’t mean much.

Final score: MIA 28, CLE 21

New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills

At first, I wasn’t gonna write anything for this game, because c’mon it’s the Bills man! But since they’ve started 2-0 and the offense is looking really good, I think  they just might challenge this Patriot team a bit more than in previous seasons. Still, this is a win for the Pats, simply because of Brady and how much he brings to the table every Sunday.

Final score: NE 35, BUF 17

New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles

I’m a HUGE Giants fan, but that’s not gonna stop me from giving an accurate preview of this game. Last week, the Giants beat the Rams 28-16. You need to remember though, they beat ’em without Steven Jackson or Danny Amendola and Bradford was slightly hurt. With all the injuries to the Giants D, I just don’t know if they’re gonna be able to contain Mike Vick. And even if they DO contain Mike Vick, he’ll have enough time to find an open receiver downfield.

In addition, Eli’s gonna have a tough day against this Eagles secondary with Aso, DRC and Samuel.

Final score: PHI 24, NYG 17

Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings

In this game, we see two teams going in completely opposite directions. The Lions are making the playoffs this year, and the Vikings can’t just rely on AP to get all their yards for them; they need a QB now! Plus, that Lions D-line is so damn good, McRib’s gonna have no time to throw the ball!

Final score: DET 21, MIN 10

Houston Texans @ New Orleans Saints

Two powerhouse offenses going at it in this one. Can Matt Schaub and that Texans offense keep up with the NO offense led by former Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees. I think so, and even if the Saints are favorites in this one, I think the Texans will win this game.


Final score: HOU 35, NO 31

Denver Broncos @ Tennesse Titans

These two teams are really even; the difference? Chris Johnson. Unless of course Tim Tebow starts for Denver (in that case, he’ll throw for 100,000 yards against the Titans).

Final score: TEN 24, DEN 14

New York Jets @ Oakland Raiders

The Jets and their power running game-offense face off against McFadden and the Raiders. Against this defense, Campbell may as well hand the ball to McFadden 30 times. He’ll break a big one or two given that many carries.

We all know what the Jets can do on offense. Nothing to be said here.

Final score: NYJ 28, OAK 17

Baltimore Ravens @ St. Louis Rams

The Baltimore Ravens defense is too good for this Rams O. Even with Bradford healthy, the Rams won’t get much done.

Final score: BAL 17, STL 10

Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers

A Kansas City team without Jamaal Charles? For the whole season? Disaster will strike, and it will start at today’s game against the Chargers.

Final score: SD 28, KC 14

Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Matt Ryan, Turner Burner, Julio Jones, and Roddy White.

Josh Freeman, LaGerrette smoke a Blount, Mike Williams, and Arrellious where have you Benn?

Enough said.

Final score: ATL 28, TB 14

Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks

Two “rebuilding” teams going at it. The Cards have Beanie Wells as their feature back, with Kevin Kolb at QB and Larry Fitz at WR. Who do the Seahawks have thought? Tarvaris Jackson, Marshawn Lynch, and Mike Williams? The defenses cancel each other out in this matchup.

Final score: ARI 17, SEA 14

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears

There’s no way I can go against this Super Bowl-winning Green Bay Packers team! Especially against the Bears, who’s offense has no identity at all. However, that Windy City D should keep this game closer than people think.

Final score: GB 28, CHI 21

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Indianiapolis Colts

I know the Steelers are the HEAVY favorite in this game (without Peyton, the Colts are lost). BUT, I think this week Kerry Collins utilizes his weapons in Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne to lead his team to victory. Hows that for an upset?

Final score: IND 28, PIT 27