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NBA Lockout finally over!

This post is a bit late in terms of “news”, I just haven’t had time to write it. Anyhow, by now you all heard that the NBPA and the owners struck a tentative deal early Saturday morning. But, the CBA has not been made official yet: if the two sides reach a majority vote on it, then the deal will become “legit.” Therefore, the lockout is not over until 15 of the 29 owners ratify the CBA. The deal is set for 10 years, with an optional opt-out in 2017.Wow…after 150 days of arguing and complaining, both sides agree to a deal that will likely start up the season. Speaking of the season, it’s been shortened to 66 games. The first day of NBA action will be on Christmas with a tripleheader of powerhouse teams:

The Celtics will travel to NY to face the Knicks

The Heat will travel to Dallas to face the Mavs (NBA Finals rematch!!!)

The Bulls will travel to LA to face the Lakers

Sounds like a great day of NBA for a great Holiday. Although the NBA certainly lost some fans during this lockout, the die-hards will come back to watch their favorite team.

I’m still in shock that they came up with the deal. Remember, the deal is tentative, meaning it’s not “by the books” yet. Once the owners and players get majority votes,  then the season will official start on Christmas and we will be back in business. The details of the NBA are not out yet, but at soon as it is made official I will update you. I’m certain the players will be getting between 49% and 51% of Basketball-Related Income (BRI) every year.

Unfortunately, I think both sides will opt out in 2017, which only guarantees us 5 good years of basketball. So enjoy it while you still can!

The Mavericks Win the 2011 NBA Championship

In a way, this series was like a fairy tale. Dirk Nowitzki was trying to get the first title of his career, while the Heat’s Big 3 were trying to prove to everyone that they are the best in the league. The Heat were the bad guys in this one, mainly because of the trio of LBJ, Wade, and Bosh. Remember when you were tryin to play basketball with your friends and one of the captains had a stacked team and the other team sucked? That’s the Heat right there. Outside of Miami, nobody liked the Heat. INSIDE Miami, there were a lot of bandwagon “fans” that only rooted for the Heat to watch the trio. The Heat were the favorites in this series (based on Las Vegas odds). However, it’s obviously impossible to predict the winner

The Mavs did it; they are you 2011 NBA Champions

of a series; if there were, nobody would watch it because everyone would know the outcome before the series started. In this series, the Mavs were looking for revenge on the Heat with that memory of ’06 still lurking in their minds. In addition, Dirk was looking to take the attention from the Heat trio and put it on himself and the Dallas Mavericks. He felt that the Mavs deserved all the attention because it’s been all Heat all season. No other team has gotten more heat from the media, more attention, or more scrutiny this season. The Almighty Dirk did not fare well in this game, but his TEAM was able to contribute (accent on team, because the Heat don’t play like one). Dirk scored 3 points through the first half, and I believe he finished with 12 points. The JET (Jason Eugene Terry) scored 27 points, hit all the big shots, and backed up his talk that LBJ couldn’t cover him. This definitely got into LeBron’s head, because he wasn’t on top of his game today (in the Most IMPORTANT GAME of his CAREER, no less!). After the game, the analysts talked about the reasons why the Heat lost. They concluded that the main reason is: 10 players beat 3. Everyone contributed on the Mavs, even if it was 2, 4,6 points or a couple rebounds or playin great D. The Heat? Well, the Trio did most of the work..And when you rely on 3 players to beat 10 what happens? You don’t win a championship, that’s for sure. I heard that 10 v 3 comment not only from the analysts but also from my friend patton26 at http://theeverydaymanssportsblog.wordpress.com/. The Mavs won Game 6, winning the NBA Finals 4-2 in the process. Better luck next time Heat!
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Game 6, Dirk looks for Revenge and a Ring

The NBA season is the longest season in professional sports. You could say golf or tennis, but they don’t have seasons (correct me if I’m wrong). It’s from the end of October to the middle of June, about 8 months. In order to win the championship in June, you need to be better than 14 teams (to make playoffs), then win 3 series, which will then take you to the Finals. The Mavs have worked hard to get to the Finals. The Heat? Well, their Big 3 have worked hard… The series has gone back and forth, first it was Miami, then Dallas, etc.. The series has certainly been exciting, particularly because of the storyline surrounding it. LeBron, Wade and Bosh teaming up on one team to win some rings, paired up against the vet Dirk and his supporting cast of Kidd, Terry, Marion, Chandler and the like. This storyline has certainly created friction between these two teams, possibly motivating them a bit more than any other series in the Playoffs.

Dirk will be on Top of his Game, I promise you that

During Game 5, Dirk came down with a sickness. He was coughing and sneezing for most of the game. Even thought the Heat lost, D-Wade and LeBron still had the nerve to mock the Almighty Dirk. During the post-game press conference, Nowitzki called this act “Childish, a little ignorant” (Courtesy to Yahoo.com). Many people say this act of childishness by D-Wade and LeBron will result in a more focused Dirk Nowitzki, which will lead to him shooting lights out, playing great D and getting some assists and rebounds along the way.

10 Bucks says LeBron's gonna choke in the 4th Quarter of Game 6

Here are my thoughts on the Heat: I have some respect for Wade. He’s been there for about 5 or 6 years, and even in tough times he stayed with the Heat. I hate LeBron’s guts. I can’t stand the man; he has no class! If he loses, he’ll cry like a baby and blame it on D-Wade, Bosh and the Heat bench. Possibly Erik Spolestra too. I don’t like Bosh either, but I am impressed that he didn’t mock Dirk;s illness. For that, I gained some respect for Boshosaurus Rex. I’m looking forward to the most exciting game of the year (so far). What’s your take on Game 6?
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NBA Finals Neck-and-Neck at 2-2

This has been a crazy basketball season so far. The LA Lakers getting swept by the Mavericks in the Playoffs. The Heat knocking off the Celtics in 6 games. And who can forget about Carmelo Anthony being shipped to NY? I certainly can; he didn’t do anything to help the franchise (so far). As soon as he came over, everyone was like, “We gonna go all the way this year with Stouda and ‘Melo.” Yea, like that’s gonna happen anytime soon. Anthony’s definitely a little overrated. Sure, it’s New York, everyone who lives here expects a championship just about every year. Not just in basketball, in all sports (Yankees, Giants/Jets). So, I think Carmelo disappointing the most arrogant fans on the planet; not that bad right? Seriously, the Knicks were playing MUCH better team ball before Melo came to town.  Ball Hog much?

Anyhow, the Mavericks and the Heat are tied at 2-2 in the Finals. It’s gone back and forth every game this series. In the games that the Heat won, they were able to pass the ball efficiently, drive to the rim, and pick up rebounds at will. In contrast, the Mavs won by rallying behind Dirk, because he can stay on very long hot streaks where he hits 10 shots in a row. The constant flopping of the players shows that its been a very physical series, especially for rebounds. If the pattern continues, the Heat will win Game 5. In addition, that means the Heat will also win 4 games before the Mavs, therefore winning the championship. Looks like Jason Terry’s tattoo was a jinx!

Looks like the Tattoo Didn't help the Mavs in the Finals....

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NBA Finals Game 3 Preview

We all know the story. It’s Dirk NoRingski and his veteran Mavericks pitted against the larger-than-life Heat. On paper, this series should be a 4-game sweep by the Heat. The combo of Baby Bron Bron, Wittle Wade, and the biggest crybaby in the league (Bosh) should be way too much for the Mavs to handle. Add in the fact that they’re a much more energetic team then the Mavs, and you have David v. Goliath.

Who won David v. Goliath? David.

Who represents David in the NBA Finals? Mavs.

David and Goliath

Courtesy Wikipedia.org

However, I understand that you might not be Christian/ believe what I believe. That’s ok; I don’t expect you to…

Getting back to the Finals: it’s tied at 1-1. The Heat took Game 1, capped off by LeBron and Wade in the 4th. They looked unstoppable; dominant. The Heat were able to drive right past their respective Mavs defenders, as a result getting to the rim. The Mavs picked up on this as the game progressed. To combat it, they dropped back a bit (so they didn’t give up any easy layups). However, the Mavs forgot that the Heat can shoot jumpers if they’re open. Although they’re mostly athletic, the Heat are also a good jump-shooting.

Game 2 was a pretty much the same until the start of the 4th. As soon as the 4th quarter started, the Mavs showed some fight. They went on a 22-5 run, took the lead late in the game, and won 95-93. It was crazy. Simply a beautiful comeback.

What will happen in Game 3? Only time will tell.

I’m pumped. What’s your take on this series?

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NBA Finals Game 1: Heat Take 1-0 Series Lead

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”- Albert Einstein

LeBron James will lead the Heat to a championship this season.

You heard me. I really hate to say it, but it’s true. The Miami Heat roster is too stacked compared to the Mavs. They’ve got James, Wade, AND Bosh. I’m honestly not surprised they didn’t win all 82 games of the regular season with that combo of All-Stars. Those 3 players combine for around 60 PPG, and that’s without adding in the other 2 starters and the bench players.

Teams that win Game 1 of any playoff series win the series 79% of the time. This means that 79 out of 100 teams would win the series if they win Game 1. To put it in practical terms, currently the Mavs have a 1/5 chance of winning the championship.

Although I talked about the Heat roster before, I forgot to mention that they have one of the youngest teams in the league. Compared to the Mavs, they have more stamina (they can last longer in games), quickness (agility, acceleration etc.), and energy (sort of self-explanatory). LeBron and Wade really showcased this in the 4th quarter of Game 1, when they sealed the deal against the Mavs. With the way LeBron’s playing, coupled with their stamina and youth, I wouldn’t be surprised if they SWEPT the Mavs to take the championship.

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Bulls/Heat Game 5 Recap

Full credit for this goes to the awesome people at: http://hesaidshesaidfootball.com/

                I could cut and paste the Game 4 recap and make it the Game 5 recap because the story is the same: Finishing in the 4th Quarter.  Love it or hate it, that’s the story of the 2010-2011 Miami Heat in the post season.  At the most critical point in the game LeBron James has silenced all critics by finishing games in the 4th Quarter.  Here’s a post game quote from Joakim Noah that says it best: “You have to give credit where credit is due. They are Hollywood as hell, but they are good.”

                Say what you want about the Heat:  you hate them, they’re a manufactured team, THE DECISION made you throw up, etc…Whatever your reason for disliking them doesn’t matter–they are good.   They were better than the Bulls last night and throughout Eastern Conference Finals.  Not taking anything away from the Bulls (I believe they will have their shot again) but they were outplayed and out coached.  We already know that D Rose has no supporting cast, meanwhile the Heat, not only has a supporting cast, they all know their role: stay out of the Big 3’s way. In Game 5, the Big 3 combined for 69 points, more the Bulls whole starting line-up. The other two starters for the Heat combined for 3 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 assists. The 3 bench players that played last night for the Heat had a combined 11 points.  3 All-Star players for the Miami Heat beat the league’s MVP.

                MVP Derrick Rose has fallen on his sword again: “At the end, it’s all me,” Rose said. “Turnovers, missed shots, fouls. The series is over.”  I’m a HUGE fan of D Rose .  Admittedly, it was disappointing to watch for the 2nd game in a row Rose miss critical game ending shots and miss a free throw with 26.7 seconds left…While he did not have a stellar game (shooting 9 for 29, with 25 pts), it was not ALL his fault.  It was the CHICAGO BULLS’ games to lose, not just D Rose’s.  His supporting cast was not in the game (literally and figuratively).  Carlos Boozer (the other “scorer”) was on the bench the entire 4th quarter due to foul trouble.  Boozer’s pine rider in crime, Noah (usually a reliable power player) was also a non factor in the 4th quarter.  Together, Boozer and Noah combined for 10 pitiful points. 

                The reason the Heat work is that the Big 3 have individually transformed themselves into supporting roles when needed.  In last year’s off season, the question was, “Who’s gonna be the man, Wade or Bron?” (Funny that no one asked if Bosh was going to be the man).  They have found a way to coexist and play together (at least so far).  The “real” supporting players DARE NOT step out of line (you see what happened to Michael Beasley).  It’s unfortunate that all of Miami’s success and swag has to come at the expense of the Bulls, who need to give D Rose the help that he desperately needs.  As much as I hate saying this, the Heat deserve to play for the NBA title.  They worked out the regular season kinks and are clicking on all cylinders.  With that said, “GO MAVs!!!”

Late Surge Helps Mavs Topple Thunder in OT

Last night, we witnessed one of the most exciting games in this year’s NBA Playoffs. Many thought it was necessary for the Thunder to tie up the series going back to Big D. On the other hand, the Mavs thought they needed to win and go up 3-1 in the series.

As I went upstairs to watch the game, I wondered if the Thunder could tie up the series. They definitely could if Durant and Westbrook play their usual way and if the team played good defense. Just as I turned on ESPN, I saw Russell

Westbrook Helped the Thunder Get a 16-8 Lead over the Mavs Early in Game 4

Westbrook intercept a pass from Nowitzki, take it down the court and finish with a dunk. The bottom of the screen read: Mavericks 2, Thunder 10. It was only the first 3 minutes of the game! At that rate, the Thunder would have scored 160 points by the end of the game! Obviously, they did not score 160 points; that would be ridiculous. A few minutes after that, the score was 16-8 in favor of the Thunder. They hit their first 9 shots from the field. During that span, Kevin Durant hit 5 of his first 5.

Dirk Sent his Team into OT with his Clutch Free Throws with 0:06 Left in the Game

During the 1st half, it seemed like the Mavs had a hard time getting their offense going. Their passing was hideous and their shots were simply not falling. Additionally, they weren’t able to stop the Thunder on defense. They basically got whatever they wanted on that side of the court. The score at the end of the 1st half: Thunder on top 59-54. Considering they were once up 10-2, I thought they’d have at least a 10 point lead going into the half.

In the 3rd quarter, the lead stayed pretty stable and by the end, the Thunder were winning by 4. Then, the real magic happened. The Thunder took control of the game, extending their lead to 15 points with 5:07 left in regulation. The Mavs aren’t coming back from that, right? WRONG. The Mavs started a rally, which took them to a score of 101-99 with 0:06 left to play. Dirk was at the free throw line. Can he make both shots to put them in overtime, potentially giving them a second chance? Of course. Being the clutch player he is, Dirk hit both shots, sending them to OT. The Mavs only needed one OT to win the game. Final score: 112-105 Mavericks on top. Game 5 is scheduled for Wednesday in Dallas.

Recap of stats:


Dirk Nowitzki: 40 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists.

Jason Terry: 20 points, 5 rebounds, 4 steals.

Jason Kidd: 17 points, 7 assists, 4 steals.


Kevin Durant: 29 points, 15 rebounds, 9 turnovers.

Russell Westbrook: 19 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists.

Serge Ibaka: 18 points, 10 rebounds, 5 blocks.

(Credit goes to ESPN for the stats.)

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Mavs/Thunder Game 4 Preview

Durant and the Thunder Look to Tie Up the Series 2-2 Tonight

By now, everyone has heard the headline regarding this series: “The experienced Dallas Mavericks go up against the up-and-coming Oklahoma City Thunder.” That’s basically the main headline of this whole series; who can come up on top? Will it be the old-fart Mavs, with Jason Kidd and Dirk Nowitzki leading the way? Or will it be the youthful and energetic Thunder, who’s 3 out of 5 starters are 22 years of age or less? So far, the Mavericks have been in control of the series, using a combo of Dirk’s shooting, Kidd’s passing, and Tyson Chandler’s rebounding prowess to take a 2-1 series lead. However, the Thunder are not down and out. Although they are an inexperienced team, at times they can play like they are an experienced team, passing the ball effectively, getting easy fast break points (big point), and rebounding.

In Game 1, fans who watched the game saw a breath-taking performance by Nowitzki, dropping 48 points on only 12 made field goals (out of 15). He basically scored half his teams points, so his team really didn’t do much.

Harden Came Up Big for the Thunder in Game 2, Scoring 23 Points

In Game 2, we saw James Harden score 23 points of the bench, leading to a 106-100 victory for the Thunder. The reason the Mavs lost Game 2: they couldn’t find a way to get to the rim and pick up fouls. As a result, they needed to take difficult jumpers to score. Shawn Marion was the surprise in Game 3, scoring 18 points and blocking 4 shots, leading to a Mavs win.

So far, the series lead is held by the Mavs, 2-1. Will that change tonight? Will the series be tied after tonight’s game? Or will the Mavs take a commanding 3-1 lead and become 1 win away from a spot in the NBA Finals? I will guarantee this: tonight’s game will be the most exciting of the series (so far, of course). Drop a comment and tell me who will win.

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Mavericks Take 2-1 Series Lead Over the Thunder

Most people would say that the best offense is a great defense. This is very apparent in the game of basketball, although it applies to football as well. Blocking shot or picking up steals can lead to many transition/fast break baskets, while grabbing an INT or a fumble can lead to a return TD, or at least good field position. Because of this, many NBA and NFL coaches stress the importance of defensive teamwork and execution.

In Game 2, it seemed the Mavericks weren’t ready to combat the speed and quickness of the Thunder. They couldn’t drive to the basket, and were forced to take difficult jumpshots. Dirk said they would work out the kicks so that on Saturday they would be ready to take on the Thunder. As I was watching the pre-game show, I wondered, “Would the Mavs play better team defense to combat the Thunder’s, or would they get beat down the court every time the Thunder drove to the hoop?” I was hoping for an exciting, back and forth battle between two different animals, each unique in their own special way. Let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed.

Dirk (coming off his 48-point and 29-point performances in Games 1 & 2) was terrible. Absolutely terrible (for his caliber at least). He scored 18 points on 7-21 shooting (33%) and 1 out of 6 3-pointers. Jason Kidd scored 13 on 4-10 shooting, while dishing 8 dimes and collecting a startling 4 steals. Kevin Durant (OKC) scored 24 points, while PG Russell Westbrook mustered out a team-high 30 points. Many people questioned his talent after he was benched for the whole 4th quarter in Game 2.

The real surprise of the game was Shawn Marion, who scored 18 points on 9-13 shooting (69%), grabbed 4 rebounds, collected 2 steals, and blocked 4 shots. The final score: Mavs on top 93-87. Game 4 is scheduled for Monday at Oklahoma City Arena.

Marion Was the Surprise In the Mavs Game 3 93-87 Victory Over the Thunder

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