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NBPA Reject Newest Deal, will Seek to Disband

Yesterday, the NBPA rejected the latest deal offered by David Stern and the NBA. When I read about it last night, I was heartbroken. All I thought about at that point was when the NFL decertified and it took forever for them to get a deal done. Luckily for us NFL fans, they decertified around March of last year. This gave them enough time before the season started (September) to get the deal done. Unfortunately for the NBA fans, they will start this process sometime this week or next week, which is already 3 weeks into the season as opposed to 6 months before. I’ve also heard that the decertification process takes at least 60 days, which means until mid-February we won’t be having basketball. The players union said they are planning on filing an antitrust lawsuit against the league. Personally, I don’t see them winning this lawsuit. They have no leverage over the owners and the lockout doesn’t seem to be illegal (I could be wrong here, however). Union president Derek Fisher said to ESPN: “This is the best decision for the players” (ESPN.com). Um, in what world? This is definitely not the best decision, most players can’t live if there isn’t a season! He’s only looking out for the high-profile players (10% of the league), which is really sad considering it’s his last year playin’ basketball. I’m happy and sad about this news at the same time. You must be thinking “Why is this guy happy about the lockout?”. I’m happy because I made a bet with my friend that there will be no NBA season this year. He’s a huge NBA fan and I took him up on the bet for $1. I see it as a win-lose either way for me and him, but you can’t go all in every time, can you? I certainly never have…

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Getting back to the lockout, I don’t know who’s to blame. I guess it’s just like any argument: both sides are at fault. Both the NBA and the NBPA are too greedy and should’ve agreed on the 50/50 split offered by the owners last week. That was the fairest deal possible, yet Fisher and Hunter still declined it. To me, it seems like the union is only controlled by 2 guys: Hunter and Fisher, as opposed to the whole player body having a say. I’m not saying every single player in the league should have a vote. Doesn’t each team have a representative that attends these negotiations? It seems like they aren’t really voicing their opinion; it’s more like Fisher, Hunter, and some high-profile players jeopardizing the season for a few more $ millions.

For your viewing pleasure, I have attached a PDF file below. The file is a summary of the latest proposal the players just rejected. I found it on espn.go.com.





Union rejects owners’ latest offer

Remember when the owners proposed a BRI last week to the players? The deadline was Wednesday (today) and the players had the nerve to decline it. The players said they want more talks to sort things out. For a secornd there, I honestly believed we would have a season starting soon.The proposed BRI would fluctuate between 49% and 51%, although union president Derek Fisher admitted that it won’t go up to 51%. He also said the current deal is “unacceptable”, and he won’t allow the players to agree to such bullsh*t. Now I’m very scared, because if they don’t accept 50%, how are they gonna accept 47%? This lockout could loom on for a while, which is not what anyone wants. After football is over, there’ll be a good 3 months of no sports! Football will be over, baseball starts in March, and basketball won’t start! Crazy stuff happening in the sports world this year. There will still be soccer and hockey, but for 3 months? I forsee a lot of comedies in my future…

One fan (bdiddyvb) on ESPN wrote: “Who needs the NBA when we got NBA 2K12!!!”. Is this what it comes down to? I just think it’s crazy that we need to satisfy our sports needs by playing a video game. Please don’t get me wrong, it’s a spectacular game, but we are bros. Bros need sports, not simulations of sports.

If you want to read more about the current Lockout situation: read this

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NBA Lockout Update

The NBA Lockout isn’t looking good at all from any perspective. The owners reportedly offered the players 51% of basketball-related income. The players have until Wednesday to take it. David Stern said if they decline the 51%, the owners will drop down to 47% for their next offer, which puts a lot of pressure and stress on the players. Also, I’ve heard the players are starting to disband because some have different views than others i.e. some just want to play and don’t care about the BRI, while others couldn’t care less about the season, they would rather wait for a better offer. The problem with the latter is: I don’t think they’ll get a better offer. The fans would rather see a deal done now so they can salvage the season, but I don’t think the players are thinking about the fans at this point. They’re too busy worrying about exactly how many millions of $ they’ll make next year…

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Sources: NBA Lockout Causes Endless Boredom in Males

I’d love to find you some awesome sports stuff to write about, but there is none! Football’s finished until Saturday, basketball is locked out, college BB hasn’t started yet, and the WS just capped off the baseball season. In essence, college BB is the only thing to watch besides football. Granted, football is awesome (glad to have it back), but it’s only on 2 full days a week.

I mean, you could watch hockey. But do us Americans have to stoop that low to watch some sports? We have to watch this Canadian game of sticks and pucks? I mean, that’s like watching Major League Soccer! Just to be clear, I’m sorry if I offended any Americans that like hockey, but it isn’t exactly the biggest sport here. That normally takes over around March (when spring training starts and basketball is 3/4 done).

College BB is starting on the 7th, so I guess I could watch some of that until the NBA Lockout gets resolved. Maybe that would allow me to make better picks in my March Madness brackets lol.

I mean, I just feel so damn bored here on my computer. Isn’t it ridiculous that I have to wait until next Saturday to watch some sports? Now I’m missing that time spent last year on my den couch, watching NBA on ESPN. After I finished my homework, I used to take a nice hot shower, grab some milk, and turn on ESPN just in time for tip-off. That would just about round out my day very nicely. Now, I obviously can’t do that.

What should I do? Till tomorrow (Week 9 Rankings!),



NBA Lockout in 4th Month

With the NBA Lockout in its 4th month, things are rapidly getting worse. David Stern has already cancelled the first two weeks of the season; how much more time will be missed? The players certainly don’t look too concerned.

According to NBC News, some NBA players such as Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire have set up pickup games in places like New York, Miami, and Boston. Even though the players don’t get paid, they still get to play against each other and entertain local fans. I can safely say that if there is no 2011-2012 season, none of these players are going broke. Besides, most of them can just get jobs at normal stores (Walmart, Stop & Shop) if they need money bad; reason being that they are so well-known. This is especially true in cases where the player looking for a job grew up in the surrounding area. In addition, I’ve heard rumors that the players are looking to organize their own league. Now, I’m not sure how they’d get paid, but I’m sure their pockets wont be empty by year’s end.

When will this stupid lockout end? Photo cred 4.bp.blogspot,com

On the other side, David Stern and the owners might be in trouble. I’m sure the majority of NBA fans think the owners should get less than a 50/50 split of the revenue. Those same people also think that the owners are greedy.

Which side are you on?

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NBA Lockout update; Detroit wins 5-2

NBA Cancels First 2 Weeks of Regular Season

Because the players and the owners were unable to reach a deal by Monday, commish David Stern has cancelled the first 2 weeks of the season. The situation is not looking good for NBA fans; the talks are happening, but no progress is being made whatsoever. Maybe the players can start their own league in case the 2011 season doesn’t happen? It’s a possibility, although I’d rather watch NBA basketball because….it’s the NBA. It looks like the owners want a 50/50 split, but it’s the players that are not cooperating with it. While this might seem fair, when you consider that the players are the guys on the court entertaining us and there are 300 players to 30 owners, I think the players should get like a 52/48 split. However, the owners are not going past that 50/50, which is why they can’t currently agree. Will David Stern cancel more games?

Detroit Wins 5-2

Last night, the Tigers beat the Rangers 5-2 in Game 3 of the ALCS. This slashes the Rangers’ lead in the series to 2-1. With Justin Verlander pitching in Game 5, I think Detroit has a chance to come back and at least make this series competitive. According to ESPN, ” Miguel Cabrera homered and had a run-scoring double to help the Tigers claim their first win in the ALCS.” I also think with Cabrera as their spark plug, they can explode one game and even the series up to 2-2 or 3-3, the latter forcing a Game 7. Who will win Game 4 of this exciting ALCS?

NBA Lockout Threatens Season; Yanks top Tigers.

NBA Lockout Threatens Season

Lets start out with some NBA news. Commish David Stern says if a deal isn’t struck by the end of this weekend, the 2011-2012 season will be cancelled. He might be using this as a bluff so the players can settle for less money, or he could be serious and both the players AND the fans would be royally screwed until next year. Judging by he way the players union is handling the lockout/negotiations, I think the former isn’t likely to happen. They feel they deserve more money than the owners, and considering there are 300 players to 30 owners AND the players are the ones actually entertaining us, I also feel they should get at least a 50/50 split, if not more. I will keep you updated as the talks progress.

Is he bluffing? You tell me.

Yanks top Tigers

Now lets talk some baseball. The New York Yankees defeated the Detroit Tigers 9-3 yesterday to take the first game of the series. Second Baseman Robinson Cano drove in six of the Yankees nine runs, four of them coming on a grand slam given up by Al Alburquerque in the fifth. Tigers ace Justin Verlander is slated to only pitch one game in this series. Game 2 is happening right now as we speak.

***Credit for David Stern ‘bluff’ info, Yanks win, and Verlander info goes to my friend Alexander Sheeckutz, his Facebook profile is http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002635232468.