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Tomlin: Clark won’t play vs. Broncos

Yesterday, it was reported on espn.com that S Ryan Clark will not play next Sunday against the Broncos. Tomlin is sitting Clark because he’s got a disease called sickle-cell trait. This disease causes some blood cells to be abnormally shaped, just like this. Because there are some sickle-shaped cells in the bloodstream, the person is much more likely to develop blood clots, especially in high altitudes. As we all know, Denver is the Mile-High City. Last time he played in Denver (2007), Clark “became violently ill and lost his spleen and gallbladder in addition to losing 30 pounds because of deprivation of oxygen to his major organs” (ESPN.com). While Clark is a big part of their defense and the Steel Curtain surely will miss him, no game is worth risking your life for. If the medical team had not removed Clark’s organs, he most likely would’ve suffered a stroke or a heart attack because his veins would’ve clotted.

In my opinion, it’s the right call to sit him for this one. No game, not even the Super Bowl, is worth risking a life for. I’m sure Clark is devastated he can’t suit up for the game. However, he told ESPN he will travel with the team and cheer on the Pittsburgh Steelers as they take on the Broncos in Denver.

Speaking of the game, why not preview it little?

First off, Tim Tebow has not looked good the past 3 weeks. The difference in his game is he hasn’t pulled off the miracles we’re used to seeing in the 4th Quarter. Their running game is one of the best in the league, but I don’t think it will be enough against the Steel Curtain. Granted, they don’t have Ryan Clark, but they just have too many stars for the Broncos to get anything going on the ground. Plus, I don’t think Big Ben will let the Broncos win the game; I just think he will match their points if need be.

My pick: Pittsburgh Steelers OVER Denver Broncos


The Eagles announced yesterday that Andy Reid isn’t going anywhere. Here is a quote from Chairman Jeffrey Lurie:

“Andy Reid not only has the love of his players and their respect, but he also has the fire in his belly to be the best,” Lurie said. “You’ve got to have the anger. You’ve got to have the motivation, the dedication, and the focus and the talent. My answer to those questions is yes. That’s why I want to see our team coached by Andy Reid next year, and I can’t wait to see that team play. There’s no doubt in my mind, if our focus is on trying to win a championship next year, the best coach for that is Andy.”

To be honest, I think this was the wrong decision by the Eagles. It could work out for them, but I would’ve let Andy go after 14 seasons as the coach and no rings to show for it. I’m not forgetting the run this team had last year with Mike Vick as their full-time starter, however. Many fantasy football managers remember the amazing season Mike Vick had under center. All NFL fans remember how good the Eagles were last year; you were scared to play them! Now, there are a lot of uncertainties with this team.

Will Andy win a ring with this team? History says no, and so do I.

Can he take them to the playoffs?

Playoffs? What playoffs? 

All he needed was God and 2 completions

Throught 10 weeks of the NFL season, the Broncos have looked decent at best. The one bright spot for them? The man drafted outta Flo-rida in 2010: Tim Tebow! He got his 3rd win of the season last Sunday when the Broncos defeated the Chiefs 17-10. Just a couple of weeks ago, people were writing off Tebow after the loss to Detroit. I wasn’t really too much either way on the issue (when it comes to believer/ hater). I will say now that I AM a believer in this guy. He beat the Broncos on two completions. Let me repeat: he beat the Broncos with two completions! One of them was a 50-yard pitch-and-catch to Decker for a TD. On the day, he was 2/8, but still got a QB rating of 102.6! How did he do that? Well, I think it’s because he had that 1 TD and threw no picks. If I had to guess, that would be my first choice. Everybody knows about Tebow praying to God before every game. Unfortunately, some have even started to mock him for it. The act was dubbed “Tebowing”. I don’t think it’s right to make fun of Tebow because he expresses his faith, especially after you just sacked him. The majority of people saw it as funny, but I guess I’m one of the few that saw it as what it really is: disrespectful. Hell, I’m surprised Tulloch didn’t get fined for that act! I thought the rule was that you can’t get down on one knee to celebrate? In addition to Tebow’s amazing stats, he had 43 rushing yards on 9 carries (sbnation.com).

This post was requested by a classmate of mine.

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Week 5 Second Half Analysis

Back to analyzing, here I go:

Philadelphia Eagles 24 @ Buffalo Bills 31

While I did say the Eagles have more explosive players than the Bills, it was Buffalo who was able to pull off the win here. I don’t know what’s up with the ‘Dream Team’ this year, but they’re not looking like a dream at all. They now stand at 1-4 and I think the majority of NFL fans are surprised the Bills record is even better than the Eagles, let alone 3 games better (4-1). Vick had 315 yards passing, 139 of them going to receiver Jason Avant. Buffalo RB Fred Jackson had 111 yards rushing, which ultimately helped them win this game. Next week, the Bills face the Giants in Metlife and the Eagles travel to Washington.

Prediction: Incorrect

Jackson had another good game last week with 111 yards rushing against the Eagles (rotoblogffb.files.wordpress.com)

 Tampa Bay Bucs 3 @ San Francisco 49ers 48

I don’t think anybody saw this one coming. Good win for the 49ers to boost morale. Anyway, Freeman only had 187 yards passing, Gore had 125 rushing yards, and Josh Morgan had 75 receiving yards. Next week, the 49ers go up against the hot Lions, while the Bucs host the Saints at home.

Predction: Correct

Gore looked like his old self last Sunday as he rushed for 125 yards (nflpassers.com)

New York Jets 21 @ New England 30

Did anybody expect the Jets to win this one? New England came into this game red-hot off a W at Oakland and the Jets lost to the Ravens in the same week. Brady lit up the defense to the tune of 321 yards with Wes Welker going for 124 of those yards. The Law Firm had 136 yards on the ground; judging by those numbers alone, it looks like NE had an easy time against this Jets D. The Jets have now fallen to 2-3 on the year and are looking lost. Next week they face the Dolphins in a MNF matchup at home, while NE hosts Dallas in Foxboro.

Prediction: Correct

The Law Firm had a field day against the Jets, rushing for 136 yards en-route to a win (biographyplayers.com)

San Diego Chargers 29 @ Denver Broncos 24

This game was much closer than I expected, however it was obvious who was going to win from the very beginning. After Tebow was put in for Orton, Denver almost rallied to beat the Chargers, but they were able to hang on and improve to 4-1. That last tid-bit of info is kind of weird considering Norv Turner’s Chargers don’t do well in the beginning of seasons, but pick it up in late November and December. Maybe we’ll see the opposite occur this year? At any rate, Philip Rivers had 250 yards passing, 100 (exactly 100@) yards going to Malcom Floyd. Willis McGahee (not Knowshon Moreno) rushed for 125 yards, but it wasn’t enough to win. Next week, the Broncos and the Chargers are on their bye.

Prediction: Correct

Will Tim Tebow get the start in Week 7? (cdn.everyjoe.com)

Green Bay Packers 25 @ Atlanta Falcons 14

I was pretty damn close to predicting the exact spread this game (10 as opposed to the actual 11). Nothing really to say about this game, besides that Atlanta made some stupid mistakes late in the 4th to seal the victory for the Pack. Rodgers had 396 yards passing with James Jones getting 140 of those yards. Atlanta’s RB Michael Turner had 56 yards rushing and one TD, but they needed more than that to win this one. Julio Jones left the game early with a hamstring injury. Speaking of Jones, they needed more production out of him if they wanted to win Sunday, and they didn’t get it. Next week, the Falcons take on the Panthers at home and the Packers take on St Louis at home.

Prediction: Correct

Rodgers had 396 yards in the Packers' win over the Falcons (images.teamtalk.com)

Chicago Bears 13 @ Detroit Lions 24

Detroit beat Chicago last night, improving to 5-0 for the first time since 1956. Chicago looked really rattled out there, commiting 9 false start penalties. Against this Lions pass rush, the Bears O-Line just couldn’t hold up; the pocket broke down often, either forcing Cutler to run, throw, or get sacked. Matthew Stafford threw 2 TD passes and Jahvid Best had 163 yards rushing, including an 88 yard TD run. Megatron had 130 yards and a TD, increasing his total to 9 TD’s in the first 5 games of the season: that’s an NFL record now. How many TD’s will he score by season’s end? I say 25, but I’m going out on a limb there a little bit. Next week, the Lions host the 49ers in Detroit and the Bears host the Vikings in Chicago.

Prediction: Correct

Megatron has 9 TD's in the first 5 games of this season (oneseasonnation.com)

Comment and tell me what you think.






Franchise Post #2: 2011 Preseason Game 2

As the second week of the 2011 NFL Preseason winds down, let’s take a look at out Game of the Week, presented by Old Spice (smell like a man, man). The two teams are the Buffalo Bills, and the Denver Broncos.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (BUF) completely 13 passes on 18 attempts last Sunday for a total of 177 yards. His TD-INT ratio was an impressive 2-0. Although Fitzpatrick’s been the starter for a couple years now, with Thigpen playing the way he is, I just don’t know who’s gonna be starting come Week 1. Fitzpatrick/Thigpen is gonna be a good position battle to watch.

Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton (DEN) attempted 13 passes, completing 7 of them against this decent Bills D. They combined for 127 yards and 1 TD on the day.

Willis McGahee (DEN) carried the rock 5 times for an unbelievable 88 yards and 1 TD. Without his big 70 yard run, he would’ve had 4 carries for 18 (still respectable as an average however). Knowshon Moreno got the bulk of the carries last Sunday, but is it time now for McGahee to split the carries 50/50?

Back to the stats: Moreno (DEN) carried 13 times for 72 yards and 1 TD, but also had 1 FUMBLE. Very disappointing to see a fumble in the second week of Preseason.

Rookie Terrence Favors (BUF) got 13 carries for 42 yards and added 1 TD.

Fred Jackson (BUF) had nothing worth writing about, but sophomore C.J Spiller (BUF) ran the ball 16 times for 133 yards and 1 TD. Looks like Jackson is losing a step on these young RB’s.

Roscoe Parrish (BUF) caught 7 passes for 94 yards last Sunday. While he wasn’t able to break 100, he caught 2 TD’s which raised his value a TON to this team.

Sophomore Demaryius Thomas (DEN) caught only 4 passes for 80 yards last Sunday.


Final score of the game: 45-21 BUF on top over DEN.