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Monday Night Football Pick: KC @ NE

Our matchup for MNF this week is Kansas City @ New England. After losing Matt Cassel AND Jaamal Charles for the season, it doesn’t look good for the Chiefs. I mean, they might be able to get Cassel in the last 2 games, but if they lose any before then, it won’t matter. Anyway, the Chiefs will look to run the ball and pass occasionally, as this is Tyler Palko’s first start @ QB.

Honestly, I’m concerned this game will be boring and not worth watching at all.

On the other side, we’ve got Tom Terrific leading the Patriots against a decent defense. Luckily for them, this game’s in Foxboro. If it were in KC, they would have a hard time communicating with each other on the O-Line.

Not much to talk about, so I’m just gonna say Patriots OVER Chiefs at home.




Week 10 Picks

WARNING this is a lot to read, proceed at your own risk.

We’ve got some great divisional match-ups this week, including Pitt v. Cinn, Denver v. KC, and NYJ v. NE Pats. This week also has no teams on byes. Here goes:

Buffalo Bills @ Dallas Cowboys

The Bills took a loss last week at the hands of the Jets, while the ‘Boys beat the lowly Seahawks by 10. I still can’t take Dallas seriously after that brutal loss to the Eagles 2 weeks ago, but then again I can’t take the Eagles seriously either! The NFC East is a complete mess, with the Giants (yay) being the only consistent team.

Dallas also has home-field advantage

Lets talk about the Bills for a moment. Right now, the AFC East is tightly packed, so they need to win this game to keep up with the winner of the Jets/Patriots game. Even though the Cowboys need this win a bit more, the Bills know what it takes to win, they just need to execute. If Tony Romo does his usual thing, the Bills will pull out the W.

That is why I’m choosing Bills OVER Cowboys

Tennessee Titans @ Carolina Panthers

Last week, the Titans lost to the Bengals by 1 TD, while the Panthers took a week off to focus. Chris Johnson hasn’t picked it up yet, but this just might be the game he finds his groove. Matt Hasselbeck will have to take advantage of the secondary in order to win this game, because Johnson definitely won’t be able to carry this team.

On to the Panthers: Cam Newton is a monster. Although he’s cooled off after his amazing start to the season, Killer Cam cannot impress me more. People were sayin’ stuff about how unprepared he is to take the starting job at QB for this team. He’s shown us what he can do, can he repeat that against the Titans?

Bottom line is: without CJ2K, Tennessee cannot win. That is why I’m choosing Panthers OVER Titans.

Houston Texans @ Tampa Bay Bucs

Big game here for the Bucs. The Texans have the 2nd-best record in the AFC, and they’re doing it without André Johnson (by the way, Johnson will return on November 27th). Matt Schaub has proved that he’s a semi-elite QB who uses his receivers and RB’s to perfection. And who can forget the dynamic duo of Arian Foster and Ben Tate? What a great pair these guys are, sorta like Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw on the Giants. Plus, that defense is much improved from last year, so that means less pressure on Schaub to put up points through the air.

Photo: t2.gstatic.com

That said, the Bucs aren’t looking too shabby either. Although they are even at 4-4, Josh Freeman knows what it takes to win late in games. He’s a master at 4th Quarter comebacks, which means the Texans should never stop putting up points on the Bucs. I’m starting to wonder: ya think Freeman purposely messes up in the first 3 quarters to set himself up for a 4th Quarter comeback?

In addition, Albert Haynesworth was just picked up by the Bucs this week. Bucs have home-field advantage.

Either way, I’m picking Texans OVER Bucs this week.

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons

The Saints are coming off that W against TB, while the Falcons routed the Colts 31-7. New Orleans is still a high-octane offense combined with a decent defense. Darren Sproles provides the spark that the Saints have been looking for after Reggie Bush’s departure. Drew Brees still puts up points for this offense, nothing really new here.

This is a big game for the Falcons. Matty Ice can look really good at times, especially when he’s throwing to Gonzalez, Rowdy Roddy, or Julio Jones. He’s got some pretty good receivers to work with, and I think he’ll use them effectively to beat this NO Defense.

Plus, the Falcons are at home, which helps them a little.

I’m going with the big upset: Falcons OVER Saints

St. Louis Rams @ Cleveland Browns

As “theklownboy” said in his NFL Week 10 Preview, this  is a crappy game to watch. Unless you’re a fan of the Rams or the Browns (God bless you), you shouldn’t watch this game. Is it even a game?

I’ll break it down anyway, because I know some of you are serious sports bettors and will tune in to the game because of it.

The Rams did look good when they beat NO 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, that was 2 weeks ago. Last week, they lost in overtime to the Cardinals (Pat Pet return FTW). Sam Bradford is in a real Sophomore Slump and I’m not sure if he’ll climb out of it this season. To add insult to injury, Bradford is listed as “Questionable” for this game.

Photo: 4.bp.blogspot.com

The Browns lost to the Texans last week 30-12. They are sitting at 3-5 and look decent considering they’re in the same division as the Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals. Peyton Hillis has been a mess this season (Madden Curse?).

Also, Cleveland has home-field.

I think the Browns will pull this one out and beat the Rams. BROWNS OVER RAMS is my prediction.

Washington Redskins @ Miami Dolphins

This is also a pretty bad game. Washington lost their 4th game in a row last week at the hands of the 49ers. Miami earned their first W of the season @ KC. To be honest, they didn’t just beat Kansas City, they destroyed ’em. The Redskins looked really good the 1st 5 weeks of this season, but have slowed down since and haven’t won. Remember when Grossman was on fire and looking like Tom Brady? Yea, that’s how far back you have to go. John Beck is now the starter, with Roy Helu now at RB.

The Dolphins definitely deserved their win over the Chiefs last week. Matt Moore looked impressive and did not turn the ball over once. He also threw 3 TD passes with 244 yards. The big question: we know he can’t repeat, but can he come close? Only time will tell, however I think he will be able to take advantage of this defense.

Plus, Miami has home-field

Bottom line, hard game to pick, but I’m goin Dolphins OVER Redskins

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals

This is the week that Cincinnati will show what kinda team they really are. The Steelers just lost to Baltimore last week, while the Bengals beat Tennessee by 1 TD. Steel City is looking to redeem themselves in this game. Big Ben can make plays, Rashard Mendenhall can run the ball, but it’s that Steel Curtain that keeps them in the game no matter what.

On the other side, Cincinnati has looked supurb this season. Through 9 weeks, they have the best record in the AFC (6-2). Andy Dalton looks for A.J Green more often than not, and the defense knows it! But, they still can’t stop ’em! What makes you think Pittsburgh will be able to stop them? Ced Benson is returning this week after his 2-game suspension and will start v. the Steelers. I foresee a lot of short screens in his future (to take advantage of that aggressive pass rush).

To add to all that, Cincinnati is home.

You know what? Forget all the expert analysis of this game, I’m going with the favorite: Bengals OVER Steelers.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts

This may be the most winnable game for Indy this season. After losing Peyton Manning to injury, the Colts are 0-8. If they want to win a game this season, it’s gonna have to be this one. Del Rio’s Jaguars have been hit with injuries this season, and haven’t been able to overcome them.

I’m picking Jaguars OVER Colts, mainly because I don’t think the Colts will win any games this year.

Denver Broncos @ KC Chiefs

Tim Tebow and the Broncos travel to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs. The Broncos beat Oakland last week 38-24, although you can hardly say that Tebow won them that game. Quite frankly, the Raiders beat themselves. I wouldn’t give too much credit to Tebow just yet, but a W here and I’ll consider it.


What’s happened to the Chiefs? First, they looked really hot to start the season, then they lose to the Dolphins 31-3? They gave Miami their first win of the season! I’m hoping it was just an off game for the offense AND the defense. Matt Cassel has shown he can hook up with Dwayne Bowe and Johnathan Baldwin for some nice gains. Also, the Chiefs have found their RB in Jackie Battle. He certainly won’t win them games, but he can carry his load when asked.

Bottom line, KC Chiefs OVER Broncos. Still not a Tebow believer…

Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles

Every time I look at that Pat Pet return vid, I remember how good HE can be (notice how I said HE, not HIS TEAM). Don’t let last week’s OT win fool you. The Cardinals do not have a great running game or passing attack. Combine that with a less-than-stellar defense, and you are pretty vulnerable. However, as illustrated by that video and Pat Pet himself, they have great special teams.

The Philly Eagles haven’t gotten on track yet this season. So far, they are 3-5 and 3rd in the NFC East. Although they did win big 2 weeks ago v. Dallas, they lost their MNF matchup to the Bears last week by 6. Mike Vick did have 213 passing yards, but LeSean McCoy didn’t surpass Forte’s 133 yards on the ground. LeSean is a TD machine; if the Eagles can get their ground game in sync, trust me, they will win this game. Mike Vick doesn’t have to throw for 300. McCoy needs to get the ball at least 20 times. Eagles also have home-field, which obviously helps them in a number of ways.

My prediction: the Cardinals will fight hard, but the Eagles will win. Ealges OVER Cardinals.

Baltimore Ravens @ Seattle Seahawks

Last week, Baltimore beat Pittsburgh with a last-second TD pass from Flacco to Smith. They are sitting at 6-2 and know what it takes to win against opponents like the Steelers. Seattle got beat last week by the Cowboys 23-13. Although the Seahawks are at home, they won’t be competing too much in this game. As we saw on Sunday Night, the Ravens have the best defense in the league. They also are 7th in the League in Points Scored (average of 26 a game), 2nd in Points Allowed (16.2 pg) and 2nd in Yards Allowed (279.4 pg).

Also, Seattle really doesn’t have any offense to speak of, scoring only 15.2 PPG this season (28th in the League). No matter who’s starting at QB for ’em, they don’t have the offense to win games. Against this Ravens D, they won’t survive. I’m confident in saying they won’t score more than 14 points.

Prediction: Ravens OVER Seahawks.

Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears

This is a big game for the Chicago Bears. The Lions are coming off a Week 9 bye, while the Bears beat the Eagles last week by 6. First, let’s discuss the favorite Lions. Matt Stafford is really looking sharp this year, and having Calvin Johnson on your team only makes you better. You want a TD in the redzone? Throw it up high to Megatron and let him go get it. Jahvid Best may not be returning for this game, but the passing attack led by Stafford will get them somewhere.


On to the Bears: We’ve all said this about Jay Culter. One day he’s hot, another day he’s cold. Which Cutler you get can really change the dynamic of any game, whether it’s against the Packers or the Colts. Let’s just imagine for this game he’s average Cutler. Matt Forte will be a beast in this game. He’s reminding some fans of Walter Payton (never a bad thing to play like a HOF). The Bears’ defense this season has been average: 264.2 Passing Yards PG, and 21.8 PPG. Both are middle-of-the-pack stats, but against this Lions team, I think there will be a lot more passing yards than that.

Even though Chicago has home-field, I’m going Lions OVER Bears.

New York Giants @ San Fran 49ers

This is a tough one to choose, partly because I’m a Giants fan. I will say this: both teams have the same playing style. Both have stout defenses and great ground attacks. However, I think Manning’s passing attack is slightly better than Smith’s. I think that is what separates these two teams.

Granted, the 49ers do have a better record. However, look at the division they play in!

I’m going Giants OVER 49ers because the Giants’ passing is a bit better and the 49ers play in the NFC West.

Should be a good game, nonetheless.





Week 9 Picks

Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs

This one should be a no-brainer: the hopeless Dolphins against the rising Chiefs. Hasn’t Kansas City won 4 games in a row? Now they’re 4-3 and tied for 1st in their division. They look like a team that can compete for the playoffs.Of course, the  Dolphins will start to “Suck for Luck” if they lose this game.

Prediction: Chiefs OVER Dolphins

Seattle Seahawks @ Dallas Cowboys

This is a very hard game to pick because both teams have shown flashes of brilliance. The Seahawks are coming off their rout at the hands of the Browns, while the Cowboys also got routed, but by the Eagles. I don’t think the Cowboys will pull it together, and something tells me the Seahawks will be fired up for this game. I just can’t say what thought..

Prediction: Seahawks OVER Cowboys

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints

The Buccaneers are coming off a bye and the Saints were shocked by the Rams last week. I’d say both teams are pretty even right now, if anything the Saints are a bit better. Playing at home just gives them that extra umf they need to put ’em over the edge.And if Drew Brees plays better than he did against St. Louis, they will be hard to beat.

Prediction: Saints OVER Bucs

San Fran 49ers @ Washington Redskins

The 49ers are the biggest surprise of this season. They are 6-1 so far and they haven’t lost a beat! I’d say they are in the playoffs no doubt, especially when you consider that the ‘Hawks got in last year with a 7-9 record. In the beginning of the year, the Reskins looked hot, but now Grossman is out and Beck isn’t exactly John Elway…

Prediction: 49ers OVER Redskins

New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills

We’ve got a division rivalry on our hands baby! Last year at this time, I would’ve said Jets no doubt. But now, the Bills look like they can compete with the big boys, and good thing for them is the Jets don’t look like big boys this season. In Week 7 they looked really sloppy and unorganized.

Prediction: Bills OVER Jets

Cleveland Browns @ Houston Texans

This one is a no brainer as well: Arian Foster, Matt Schaub, and the Texans D is looking great this year. Plus, they’re probably getting Andre back this week! The Browns are looking better than in previous years, but not good enough to compete with the Texans.

Prediction: Texans OVER Browns

Atlanta Falcons @ Indianapolis Colts

Again, last year I would’ve said COLTS. This year, I’m saying FALCONS.

Prediction: ^^^^^

Cincinnati Bengals @ Tenessee Titans

In this game, Dalton will hook up with Green for a TD. Also, the Bengals defense will keep the Titans at bay, which should be easy considering the troubles CJ has had this year. I think the Bengals improve to 6-2 on the year this week.

Prediction: Bengals OVER Titans

Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are still playing for Al Davis. They have more heart and more determination than the Broncos will ever had (especially with Tim Tebow at the helm).

Prediction: Raiders OVER Broncos

New York Giants @ New England Patriots

Ah, my Game of the Week. My beloved Giants against those nasty Pats. A rematch of Super Bowl 42, which ended in a Giants victory. But I guess none of that matters now, because that was then and this is now. I’m sorry to say, but I have to go against my G-Men in this one because 1) The Pats are the home team, 2) its Tom Brady, and 3) read No. 2 again please.

Prediction: Patriots OVER Giants

Green Bay Packers @ San Diego Chargers

As proven by last week’s MNF game, the Chargers suck. They haven’t beaten anybody respectable this year, while the Packers have beaten EVERY team they’ve faced so far. I think the Packers make it win No. 8 on the year this week.

Prediction: Packers OVER Chargers

St. Louis Rams @ Arizona Cardinals

The Rams showed some life last week against the Saints. Arizona hasn’t shown any life all year, except for Pat Pet’s punt returns for TD’s. Well, they did almost beat Baltimore last week, but almost doesn’t count in football.

Prediction: Rams OVER Cardinals


Till next time,



Week 8 Power Rankings

Here we are again for some more Power Rankings! It’s me, Sam Brief (http://sambrief.com/) and JB Knox (http://thedailybeans.wordpress.com/) here today to rank all 32 NFL Teams! Let’s go:

1. Packers 7-0 The Packers are still #1 on our power rankings. Why is this? Maybe it’s because they are 7-0 with the best offense in the NFL. If Aaron Rodgers can keep his 125.7 passer rating up, the Pack are in prime position. @SamsSportsBrief http://sambrief.com
2. Patriots 5-1 The Patriots were on a bye last week. We figured that their offense is still one of the best in the league and they haven’t changed much since the season started. However, the 49ers are closing in on No.2 in the league. Thesportzguru
3. 49ers 5-1 Coming off a well-earned bye week the Niners should improve to 6-1 vs a Browns team that yields 119 yds/gm vs the run. Frank Gore has fresh legs and Braylon Edwards is back in the fold to help balance the attack. @theknoxscore DBSports
4.Saints 5-2 The Saints put 62 points on the Colts on Sunday night. This was the most points scored in an NFL game since 1970. This mixed with Drew Brees keeping up the good (or more than good) work helped the Saints jump from #8 to #4 on our rankings. @SamsSportsBrief http://sambrief.com
5.Steelers 5-2 The Steelers beat the Cardinals last week 32-20. They are in their rythm and will look to beat the Patriots October 30th. Thesportzguru
6.Ravens 4-2 The Ravens fell from 4th last week down 2 spots.That’s because of their loss to the Jaguars on MNF. What a bad loss that was, right? Still, they’re a good team and just got exposed; I don’t think that will become a regularity. Thesportzguru
7.Lions 5-2 Even after 2 straight losses to the 49ers and the Falcons, the Lions remain strong at 5-2 and 2nd in the NFC North. Although this is true, Matthew Stafford suffered a sprained right ankle, and if he gets unhealthy again, the Lions could be in hot water once again. @SamsSportsBrief http://sambrief.com
8.Bills 4-2 The Bills had their bye this week but dropped to #8 because of strong performances from the Saints and Steelers. Fred Jackson continues to lead a balanced running game, and Ryan Fitzpatrick looks better than he ever has in his career. @SamsSportsBrief http://sambrief.com
9.Falcons 4-3 Moved up 6 spots in our rankings with big win on the road at Detroit and head into a bye week looking to get Julio Jones healthy. They should continue to roll with two weeks to prepare for the dismal Colts. @theknoxscore DBSports
10.Giants 4-2 The Giants actually stayed put this week. Surprising, considering they are such a sporadic team. However, they did have a bye week so I guess I can understand…next week is the Dolphins @ Home. Thesportzguru
11.Bengals 4-2 Rookies Andy Dalton and A.J. Green are helping the Bengals to get out to a shocking 4-2 start. It doesn’t hurt that their defense is 2nd in the NFL only to Baltimore. If they can keep this up, we could see an unexpected playoff appearance for a young Bengals team striving for success. @SamsSportsBrief http://sambrief.com
12.Chargers 4-2 SD has lost both games vs teams .500 or better and look to right the ship and separate themselves from the rest of the AFC West with a big MNF showdown vs the KC Chiefs. Red-zone problems, Rivers interceptions and their lack of a 2nd-half game plan have the key problems this year. @theknoxscore DBSports
13.Jets 4-3 Jets-Ah, the New York Jets. Rex Ryan started some stuff with Norv Turner before the game about SB rings. He ended up winning the game, so I guess that justifies it a little. They have a bye this week. Thesportzguru
14.Texans 4-3 Texans— Arian Foster looks to dismantle another division foe this week vs the short-rested Jags. Foster had a combined 234 yards and just may be getting Andre Johnson back into the mix this week. @theknoxscore DBSports
15.Bears 4-3 The Bears had an impressive win in London against the Buccaneers. Their offensive line looked great (finally). 4-3 is the same record that they had week 7 last year. They finished the year at 11-5 and made the NFC Championship Game. @SamsSportsBrief http://sambrief.com
16.Buccaneers 4-3 The Buccaneers lost in London to the Bears this week, but, looked good towards the end. Josh Freeman led an (almost!) fourth quarter comeback as they cut the Bears’ lead from 16 to 3 in the 4th quarter. They lost, but were superb at the end.@SamsSportsBrief http://sambrief.com
17. Cowboys 3-3 The Cowboys jumped up 3 spots this week, thanks to their win against the St. Louis Rams. Everybody heard of DeMarco Murray, right? What a monster, if the Cowboys can at least get 1/2 that yardage per game, expect some wins from them. TheSportzGuru
18. Raiders 4-3 After a high following 2 emotional wins after the tragic death of Al Davis, the Raiders disappointed. After trading their draft picks for the next (50?) years to acquire Carson Palmer, coach Hue Jackson started Kyle Boller instead of Palmer. Boller threw 3 interceptions, then Palmer threw 3 interceptions in a 28-0 blowout loss to the Chiefs.@SamsSportsBrief http://sambrief.com
19. Eagles 2-4 The Eagles are fresh off a bye to host the rival Cowboys on Sunday Night. Another must-win to stay in the NFC East race. Can they slow down rookie phenom Demarcus Murray and get Vick/McCoy to the edges with space will be keys to this victory.  @theknoxscore DBSports
20. Chiefs 3-3 -beneficiaries of the QB injuries in Oakland, the Chiefs vie for 1st place in AFC West in a huge MNF battle with San Diego. Thomas Jones and Dwayne Bowe will have to have big games and hope the defense can cause some big turnovers again. 2 INT returns for TDS would sure look nice in back-to back weeks. @theknoxscore DBSports
21. Titans 3-3 CJ2K and the rushing attack has been abysmal but the Colts defense is just what the doctor ordered. The Titans look to avoid their 3rd straight embarrassing loss. They should get a break from defending a stout running game with the Colts weak rushing attack in town this week. @theknoxscore DBSports
22. Browns 3-3 The Browns offense was totally flat in a 6-3 (no, this isn’t baseball) victory over the Seahawks. While the Browns are 3-3, their offense has looked unimpressive, and this is due in part to the injury of running back Peyton Hillis. The fact that they have virtually NO recieving support doesn’t help their cause much either. @SamsSportsBrief http://sambrief.com
23. Redskins 3-3 It’s been an interesting week for the Redskins. After benching Rex Grossman, Mike Shanahan started John Beck at quarterback against the Panthers. Beck failed to impress in a 33-20 loss to Carolina. If the Redskins can’t figure out the quarterback situation, they won’t succeed. Also, Tim Hightower is out for the season with a torn ACL, Chris and Santana Moss is out for 5 weeks with a broken hand. @SamsSportsBrief http://sambrief.com
24. Jaguars 2-5 The Jaguars moved up an astounding 4 spots in this weeks rankings. Just like the Ravens went down, the Jaguars went up. If they keep winning like that, especially against high-profile teams (Jets), they will move up quickly. Thesportzguru
25. Panthers 2-5 Newton’s 2nd rookie QB battle this week has me Pondering if he can go 2-0 vs his fellow draft class. His deep passes have become more accurate by the week and his first winning streak may be just around the corner. Steve Smith will look to continue to march towards a Pro-Bowl bid against the Vikings. @theknoxscore DBSports
26. Broncos 2-4 This one is a shocker: the Broncos moved down 1 spot from last week. Maybe it was because their win was against the Dolphins? Next week, they face the Lions. Thesportzguru
27. Seahawks 2-4 A much-needed home game for the Seahawks this week to face the Bengals #2 rated defense. They were stuck in the mud against the Browns, but hope the crowd noise will fluster rookie QB Andy Dalton and their offense can muster just enough points to eek out a win. If not they officially enter the “Suck for Luck” sweepstakes with a head of steam. @theknoxscore DBSports
28. Cardinals 1-6 The Cardinals looked flat in a 32-20 loss to the Steelers. Kevin Kolb hasn’t looked good at all this season, he is 25th in the NFL in passer rating, and 21st in touchdowns. For the 1-5 Cardinals to turn their season around, Kevin Kold needs to step it up. @SamsSportsBrief http://sambrief.com
29. Vikings 1-6 The Vikings stayed pat this week. It’s a pretty good move considering they got beat by the Packers, however they were close to coming back in the last 2 min. This team isn’t going anywhere this year. Thesportzguru
30. Rams 0-6 They average 9.3 PPG and give up 28.5 PPG!!! Need I say more? Spagnuolo’s seat is En Fuego right now and with the high-powered Saints marching in, that pink slip is just begging for it’s John Hancock. @theknoxscore DBSports
31. Dolphins 0-6 The Fins have an NFL worst 23.7% 3rd down conversion rate combined with the 30th ranked -7 turnover ratio, no running game as well as leading the league with 22 sacks allowed. Oh and they get to face the league-leading defensive sacks team in the NY Giants who are fresh off a bye and healthier. UH-OH No Bueno Sparano!!! @theknoxscore DBSports
32. Colts 0-6 The Colts. Suck. For. Luck. Thesportzguru

Week 5 First Half Analysis

I have to be brutally honest with all you guys: I didn’t watch any games this week. I was busy hanging out with friends, so I hope you all can understand why I didn’t watch games on Sunday. Despite that, I’ll still analyze my picks from Week 5, starting NOW:

Tennessee Titans 17 @ Pittsburgh Steelers 38

When I look at the stat sheet, I see that Matt Hasselbeck was the top passer of this game. If you watched the game on Sunday, you’d disagree in a heartbeat. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger threw for 5 TD’s in the blowout win against the Titans. The reason NFL.com put Hasselbeck over Big Ben is because Hasselbeck had more passng yards (they don’t take into account TD passes, scramble yards, etc). Getting back to the game, it doesn’t look like Mendenhall is himself anymore: he has 58 attempts for 173 yards and didn’t play this week because of a hammy. Jonathan Dwyer had 107 rushing yards for the Steelers and Mike Wallace had 82 receiving yards and a TD. Next week, the Steelers take on Jacksonville at home and the Titans are on their bye.

Prediction: Correct

Big Ben proved you don't need 400 passing yards to have a good day at the office (static.thehollywoodgossip.com)

Oakland Raiders 25 @ Houston Texans 20

In this game, I had the Texans over the Raiders by 10. However, after the death of owner Al Davis, it seems the Raiders had a bit more firepower than I expected. Matt Schaub had 416 yards through the air, Foster had 68 rushing yards, and the TOP RECEIVER goes to Arian Foster with 116 yards. Wow, an RB with over 100 receiving yards is insane! But, it wasn’t enough to beat the fired-up version of the Raiders. Can they repeat next week against the Cleveland Browns at home? I certainly think so. The Texans face the Ravens next week @ Baltimore.

Prediction: Incorrect

Foster had 180+ all-purpose yards last Sunday, but it wasn't enough to beat the Raiders.

Kansas City Chiefs 28 @ Indianapolis Colts 24

The Indianapolis Colts lost last week to put them at 0-5. They were playing at home, against a Chiefs team without Jamaal Charles, and they STILL lost. Who will they beat this year?

On the bright side, Painter had 277 yards passing, but Jackie Battle (who?) had 119 rushing yards for the Chiefs. Also, Dwayne Bowe had 128 receiving yards on the day. Next week, the Colt’s travel to Cinncinati to take on the Bengals, and the Chiefs are on a bye.

Prediction: Incorrect

Bowe led the Chiefs with 128 receiving yards last week in a win against the Colts (cache2.artprintimages.com)

Cincinnati Bengals 30 @ Jacksonville Jaguars 20

Take a look at these stats from this game: TOP PASSER: Blaine Gabbert, 221 yards. TOP RUSHER: MJD, 85 yards. TOP RECIEVER: Jason Hill, 118 yards.

All three of the top performers (in terms of yardage) are on the same team: Jacksonville. Yet, Jacksonville lost by 10. That’s because Cincinnati’s defense kept them in the game and allowed their offense to score TD’s in short-yardage situations. The Bengals are off to a surprising star (3-2) and go up against the Colts at home next week. Will they go 4-2 in their first 6 games?

The Jaguars go against Pittsburgh next week on the road.

Prediction: Correct

The Bengals rookie out of TCU is impressing me so far this season (usatoday.net)

 Seattle Seahawks 36 @ New York Giants 25

Man, was I wrong about this one. When I said the Seahawks really had no chance against the Giants, I was DEAD WRONG. How the hell did the Giants lose this one..I’ll tell you why: turnovers. If Cruz didn’t fumble that ball once and tip another one for an INT, maybe the Giants would’ve at least tied the game up. My friend told me yesterday that the Giants play so messy, and I wholeheartedly agree. Sometimes, Eli and the G-Men have their moments, but the bottom line is they’re barely a wild card team, if that. My hat goes off to the Seahawks this week, they took care of business (much like the Raiders) and did it when nobody expected them to.

On to the stats: Eli had 420 yards, Marshawn Lynch had 98 yards, and Victor Cruz had 161 yards. Next week, the Seahawks are on a bye and the Giants face Buffalo at home.

Prediction: Incorrect

Manning's 420 wasn't enough to beat the Seahawks (nflpassers.com)

Arizona Cardinals 10 @ Minnesota Vikings 34

Once again, bad pick by me. For some reason, I thought Kevin Kolb would light up this Vikings defense, but he only threw for 232 yards. 92 of those yards went to receiver Early Doucet (not Larry Fitzgerald). If you didn’t hear about AP’s 3 TD’s in the first quarter, you’re living under a rock. He contributed 18 points and 122 yards in the blowout. Without AP, where would this team be now? This game would’ve been a lot closer, I can tell you that much. Next week, the Cardinals are on a bye and the Vikings go to Chicago to face the Bears.

Prediction: Incorrect

AP's 3 touchdowns secured the win against the Cardinals in Week 5 (sportsrantz.com)

New Orleans Saints 30 @ Carolina Panthers 27

This game was a lot closer than I predicted (3 points as opposed to 10 points). However, I was right when I said Cam Newton would put up some points against this defense. Drew Brees had 359 yards with 129 of them going to TE Jimmy Graham. Through 5 weeks, Graham is looking like Brees’ favorite target. DeAngelo Williams contributed 115 yards on the ground for the Panthers, but it wasn’t enough to win this week. The Saints face the Bucs in Tampa next week and the Panthers face the Falcons in Atlanta.

Prediction: Correct

Graham is definitely Brees' favorite target so far in this season (pictures.zimbio.com)



NFL Week 5 Picks

I’m back for more in-depth analysis and picks!

New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers

We all know that the Saints have a high-powered offense, but can their defense hold its own in this one? With the dynamic Cam Newton at QB, it’s hard to say this will be a total blowout, I honestly believe Carolina’s offense will keep them in this game, but New Orleans will still hold on to get the W.

NO over CAR by 10

Saints QB Drew Brees will look to light up the Carolina defense and spread the ball around (ucs.louisiana.edu)

Kansas City Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts

Because of the Jamaal Charles injury, the Chiefs had to split carries between Dexter McCluster and Thomas Jones. Considering neither are great backs, Matt Cassel had to put the team on his back in order to win. Cassel just isn’t a QB that can take over a game like Brady, Rodgers, or Vick can, so I see a bit of a problem with the Chiefs. I also think Indy wins their first game of the season right here against the hopeless KC Chiefs.

IND over KC by 7

Painter will get another start at QB for the Colts on Sunday. How do you think he'll perform? (wikimedia.org)

Philadelphia Eagles @ Buffalo Bills

Both teams are coming off close Week 4 loses, so both will have something to prove coming in. While the Bills do have a better record, the Eagles have much more explosive players that can breakout at any moment. I think Andy Reid takes advantage of these weapons (Vick, Jackson, McCoy) this Sunday and leads his team to a victory.

PHI over BUF by 3

Jackson will have to make a few big plays for the Eagles to win this game (bleacherbumsports.net)

Seattle Seahawks @ New York Giants

Ah, the New York Giants, my favorite football team. Although I don’t normally like to play favorites, I don’t see a way that the G-men can lose this one. However, they almost (should’ve) lost to the Cardinals last week, so keep that in mind this week.

NYG over SEA by 17

Manning will look to lead the Giants to a victory against the Seahawks at home (nflpassers.com)

Cincinnati Bengals @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Last week, we watched as the underdog Bengals defeated the Buffalo Bills to put ’em at 3-1. While the victory was by no means decisive, a win is a win in my book. I think they will carry the momentum from last week into this week and jump on the board early to put the Jags in a tough spot. That alone will be too much for Gabbert and MJD to handle.

CIN over JAC by 14

Green is the Bengals' best offensive weapon, so look for Dalton to connect with him early and often (hiphopsince1987.com)

Tennessee Titans @ Pittsburgh Steelers

The Titans are a mixed bag this year; first Hasselbeck’s hot, then CJ starts to get going (finally!), now they face a stout Steel Curtain in Week 5. Will it be too much to overcome? I think so, especially because I don’t think Hasselbeck will stay hot for too much longer,though I think CJ might be able to break a few long runs here and there. Also add in the fact that Pitt is playing at home, and you have a win for the Steelers in order.

PIT over TEN by 14

CJ will keep the Titans in the game, but it won't be enough to win (trendsetter.net)

Oakland Raiders @ Houston Texans

In this matchup, we’ve got the Oakland Raiders traveling to Houston to take on the Texans. Even though I think Matt Schaub and Arian Foster will perform well in this game, I’m a bit skeptical either way because of Andre Johnson’s injury. Who do you think will be Schaub’s main guy? Personally. I think he’s going to spread the ball out much more than he usually does. On the Oakland side, besides Run DMC, this team doesn’t have any offensive weapons that are explosive.

HOU over OAK by 10

Foster will probably get a lot of carries on Sunday because of Johnson's injury (cdn.com)

Arizona Cardinals @ Minnesota Vikings

Kevin Kolb and the Cardinals are looking good so far this season, while I can’t say the same about the Vikings. This is a game that Arizona should win, but if the Vikings can stop Kevin Kolb and force Wells to run it, they have a good chance to win.

ARI over MIN by 7

If Kolb succedes, the Cardinals will win. However, if the Vikings can force TO's, it can go the other way in a hurry (onlinesportshandicapping.com)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ San Francisco 49ers

Tampa Bay is just coming off a win against the Colts, while the 49ers defeated the “Dream Team” last week. Considering each team’s matchups, I think the 49ers had the more impressive win. However, we’ve seen what Josh Freeman can do in the 4th quarter. His clutch play can carry his team to a W, so I’, not sure about either team in this one. Ultimately, I feel that San Fran will be able to get to Freeman a bit a force some TO’s, which will win them the game.

SF over TB by 7

We all know what Freeman can do in the 4th Quarter (blogspot.com)

New York Jets @ New England Patriots

Tough matchup for the Jets, going into Foxboro with the pats coming off a decisive win against the Raiders. Personally, I don’t think the Jets can pull this one off. They look dazed and confused out there, and with the Patriots coming off that W, I don’t thin the jets have any chance.

NE over NYJ by 21

Brady's going to look to light up the Jets D in this game (pollsb.com)

San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos

As my Twitter friend https://twitter.com/#!/jstar1973 said: “Let the Tim Tebow chants begin.” Denver has no real running game and a pretty bad passing attack. Combine that with their horrendous defense, and you got yourself a Chargers win.

SD over DEN by 24

Rivers won't have any problems attacking this Denver D (blogspot.com)

Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons

Despite the fact that Atlanta’s at home for this one, the GB Packers are just too good. Their high-octane passing attack and decent defense will make this an uphill battle for the Falcons. Julio Jones will be Matt Ryan’s No. 1 target, because you can expect Roddy White to get double teamed and matched up with GB’s 1st corner (Woodson).

GB over ATL by 10

The rookie receiver from Alabama will be catching passes left and right in this one (usatoday.net)

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions

Detroit is still on a monster roll, while Chicago hasn’t found it’s rhythm yet. Detroit is not the place to find your rhythm (unless you’re the Lions). As long as Megatron and Stafford stay healthy, this team will go 11-5. It’s a close one, but Detroit wins in glorious fashion.

DET over CHI by 7

Stafford will look to connect with Johnson to put Detroit over Chicago (footballhunger.com)

That’s all my picks, comment and tell me if you agree/disagree.

NFL Week 4 Picks

This time I promise I’ll get a couple more picks right. Here goes:

Detroit Lions @ Dallas Cowboys

The Lions are hot, and looking to stay hot. But against a healthy Romo, I think the Lions offense wont be able to keep up with Dallas’. That said, it’s gonna be a real close game, as both defenses are pretty stout (Lions D line is crazy and Ware adds a new level to that Dallas D.)

Final score: Cowboys 24, Lions 21

Carolina Panthers @ Chicago Bears

What can I really say about this match up? Cam Newton and the new-look Panthers against Crazy Cutler and the Bears? Tough to call either way considering how much Newton brings to the table with his legs…Can’t forget about that CHI Defense though, a really great unit going into this game.

Final score: CHI 17, CAR 14

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Houston Texans

Ah, the ol’fashioned Pittsburgh Steelers; the team that’d run it down your throat. Whatever happened to the good old days? Big Ben came along and ruined ’em with his great playmaking ability. He also keeps plays alive with his feet better than any other QB in the league.

The Texans defense is vastly improved from last year, which will make for a good game. I expect the Texans to pull off the upset in this one, regardless of how good Big Ben is.

Final score: HOU 28, PIT 27

Tennessee Titans @ Cleveland Browns

Tennessee’s QB Matt Hasselbeck has been a huge surprise the first three weeks of the season. Can he keep it up? If RB Chris Johnson keeps playing like shit, he’s gonna have to if his team wants some W’s. Look for CJ to get out of this slump. Although he didn’t breakout last week against Denver (horrid run D), he’ll have a great game sooner or later.

Browns QB Colt McCoy has been a surprise as well, and with the running game led by Peyton Hillis, this team should have no trouble putting up some points against the Titans; not to mention the fact that Cleveland is playing at home.

Final score: CLE 28, TEN 24

Buffalo Bills @ Cincinnati Bengals

The hot Buffalo Bills (3-0) go to Cinncinati to face the new-look Bengals. The latter team is in a rebuilding phase now, but they have some promising talent at QB and WR. The Bills wont be undefeated for long however, as I expect the Bengals to put some points up early and hold Buffalo’s offense to minimal yards.

Final score: CIN 35, BUF 21

Washington Redskins @ St. Louis Rams

While it looks like the ‘skins have cooled off (and Grossman now looks like Grossman), I still think washington can keep this game close. Hightower looks promising for the Redskins, while Bradford/ Jackson have gotten off to a sluggish start this season. Until those two show me they can compete consistently, I’ll shy away from them.

Final score: WAS 28, STL 27

Minnesota Vikings @ Kansas City Chiefs

With the Chiefs loosing Jamaal Charles for the year, they’ll have to improvise in order to compensate for the loss of explosiveness. They demonstrated that last week, with Dexter McCluster getting the bulk of carries. Cassel and Bowe need to improve timing and chemistry, but we all saw last year how both of ’em can start slow and finish strong.

One the other side, we got All-Pro AP at Running Back and vet Donovan McNabb at QB. We know for a fact AP needs to get at least 20 carries for this team to have a chance to win. Look for the Chiefs to stack the box in order to slow down AP and force McNabb to throw. The biggest question of the game is: Can McNabb be effective enough through the air to get the W?

Final score: KC 21, MIN 20

San Fransisco 49ers @ Philadelphia Eagles

Normally, I’d say the Eagles were a lock for winning this game, BUT, after watching the Giants take ’em apart, I’m not so sure anymore. We know Mike Vick’s gonna play. Will he be as effective as usual? That SF D is pretty good, and I don’t think Vick’s gonna want Pat Willis runnin’ after him..

The 49ers have had a tough time finding an identity for themselves on offense. Gore is having  a tough season running the ball, and Smith can’t seem to get into a rhythm with his receivers. I leave this game open for discussion, as it could sway both ways.

Final score: PHI 28, SF 21

New Orleans Saints @ Jacksonville Jaguars

I don’t think Jacksonville stands a chance against this exciting, dynamic Saints offense. Albeit the Jags have MJD running the ball, their sub-par D and their inexperienced QB makes this pick a no-brainer.

Final score: NO 35, JAC 21

Atlanta Falcons @ Seattle Seahawks

Matty Ice and Co. travel to Seattle to take on the Seahawks. This one’s just like the NO @ JAC game, not even gonna be close. The Seahawks have Tarvaris Jackson as their Quarterback…’nuff said.

Final score: ATL 31, SEA 17

New York Giants @ Arizona Cardinals

I know the Giants got hit with a lot of injuries to their defense in the preseason, BUT Arizona is a team in transition this year. Not expecting an upset here, as the Giants are a developed team with good players that know what it take to win.

Finals score: NYG 28, ARI 17

Denver Broncos @ Green Bay Packers

With the Green Bay defense AND offense firing on all cylinders now, I don’t see any room for this Broncos team to work with. Orton/Rodgers isn’t even a fair comparison, and the tandem of Starks/Grant beats Moreno/McGahee in my opinion.

Final score: GB 21, DEN 10

Miami Dolphins @ San Diego Chargers

Rivers and the San Diego Chargers host the Miami Dolphins at home this week. Miami has now noticed that REGGIE BUSH CANNOT RUN IN BETWEEN THE TACKLES!!! Daniel Thomas has the gig in Miami, let’s see how he fares against this Super-charged D. Rivers will take over this game and lead the Chargers to a W.

Final score: SD 31, MIA 21

New England Patriots @ Oakland Raiders

Ya know, I have a funny feeling ’bout this Raiders team in this game. Something tells me they’re gonna pull this one out. Run DMC is playing like a champ out there on the gridiron, and Campbell might get hot and connect with Ford or Moore on some deep passes. Plus, Brady’s comin’ off that horrible four-pick game against the Bills, so he will still be a bit rattled coming in.

Final score: OAK 35, NE 31