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Heat Show Some Fight in Game 2

The game of basketball is a team sport. To win the game, you must play as a team. This means pass the ball a lot, don’t be selfish, set good screens for teammates, and help them in any way you can. This doesn’t mean take 40 shots in a game (*cough* Kobe Bryant). A

LeBron and Co. Prevailed Over the Bulls Wednesday, 85-75. Game 3 Is Scheduled for Sunday Night at American Airlines Arena

good indicator for determining if you’re a team player is the number of assists you rack up during a game. However, this can be misleading because a point guard could have 10 assists in a game, but also take 30 shots.  In Sundays Game 1 against the Bulls, the Heat really had a tough time getting their offense going. So, LeBron and Wade started running many isolation plays, which forced them to put up tough shots 1 on 1. Both those guys said they’d play better in Game 2. They made a promise to their fans, and they weren’t about to let them down now, especially in the playoffs. Last night in Game 2 at the United Center, they kept their promise. LeBron scored 29 points while grabbing 10 rebounds and picking up 5 assists. This performance was much better than his Game 1 performance when he only scored 15. Dwayne Wade scored 24 points, grabbed 9 rebounds, and shot 8-10 from the charity stripe. Both of these great performances led to the Game 2 victory over the Bulls, 85-75. That’s a pretty low scoring game, don’t you think? Derrick Rose was only able to score 21 while dishing 8 assists. Not a bad game, but I think if they didn’t turn the ball over as much as they did, they would have definitely been able to come back and win. What do you think?

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Deng Hits Half Court Shot

Oh my god….He hits it like its a video game…..

Courtesy goes to @nbafufu on Youtube for the vid.

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NBA Eastern Conference Finals: Game 2 Preview

Last Sunday, basketball fans witnessed a spectacular Game 1, pitting MVP Derrick Rose and the Bulls against the combo of LeBron/Wade/Bosh and the Heat. To be honest, the vast majority of fans are rooting for the Bulls to win the series. The only city that wants the

Wade and His Big 3 Look to Rebound Against the Bulls Tonight and Tie the Series at 1-1

Heat to win is Miami, their hometown. Outside of Miami, nobody likes the Heat. They’re much too arrogant for my taste, and they seem to think they are guaranteed a championship, because of their stacked roster. In Game 1, the Bulls comfortably defeated the Heat, 103-82. They are looking to take a 2-0 lead in the series, putting them one game closer to a spot in the NBA Finals. After their less-than-stellar performances on Sunday, LeBron James and Dwayne Wade vowed to come back strong in Game 2. I will certainly be watching them to see if they lived up to their promise. Coming into this game, the Bulls are carrying a 9 game winning streak. Their winning streak will obviously play a huge factor in the way they play tonight. They’ll be pumped for this, and I think they will be even more prepared then they were for Game 1. If that’s the case, then the Heat are going to have a hard time defending Rose and guarding Deng on the 3-point line. Plus, the Bulls won 62 regular season games, compared to the Heat’s 58 victories. The one positive that Miami is taking into this game, is that in Game 1 Chris Bosh dropped 30 points. The Heat will definitely look to build on that performance in this game. Luol Deng told media, “I think we’ve got to play better. I really do. We played really well. If you look at the final score, we won by a lot, but it really wasn’t that kind of game” (Courtesy of Sportsencounter.com). I’m super excited for this Game 2. Drop a comment and tell me what you think.

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Eastern Conference Finals, NBA Playoffs

Tonight’s Game 1 match-up pitted MVP Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls against LeBron/Wade/Bosh and the Miami Heat. In the regular season series, the Bulls swept the Heat 3-0. However, most people believe that the regular season games have no effect on the post season. I am not one of those people. If you don’t agree, fine, drop a comment. But

D-Rose scores 28 points in the Bulls' Game 1 victory

anyway, the Bulls showed they were a much more consistent team then the Heat during the post-season. Tonight, Derrick Rose scored 28 and Luol Deng added 21 en route to a 103-82 win in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Chris Bosh had a big night, dropping 30 points on 12-18 shooting (66%), leading the Heat in scoring. LeBron was held to 15 points on 5-14 from the field, while D-Wade was held to just 18 points. Tonight’s game showed that the Bulls are a much more consistent team then the Heat. Personally, I’m hoping the Bulls can pull this one out and finish off the Heat in six games. Do you think the Heat will pull it together?

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