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Sunday Night Football Pick: PHI @ NYG

So far, today’s games have been fun to watch. In fact, some have even gone to the last-minute or OT. This week’s SNF matchup pits the Giants at home against the Philly Eagles. The Eagles are 3-6 and are the opposite of the “Dream Team” moniker bestowed by Vince Young before this season. Speaking of Vince Young, he’ll have to QB this game for the Eagles because Vick is out with 2 cracked ribs. Also, the Eagles will not have Jeremy Maclin in this game, as he’s injured as well. On the plus side, LeSean McCoy has looked like an All-Pro this season, racking up 906 yards, a 5.5 avg, and 10 TD.

On the other side, we’ve got Eli Manning and the Giants coming off that loss to the 49ers. Although the 49ers won fair and square, I think the Giants played a good game and stayed competitive. I think that because the 49ers are a 9-1 team, so staying within a TD of that aint too bad. Although Bradshaw won’t be back, we do get Hakeem Nicks back from injury. Eli has been playing great football and has come up in the clutch when it’s needed the most.

Bottom line, the Giants will need to win this game in order to stay atop the NFC East. I think they’ll do just that: Giants OVER Eagles.




Eagles rout ‘Boys 34-7, MNF Pick inside!

What a great game played by Philly last night. LeSean McCoy had a career-high 185 rushing yards and 2 TD’s. Michael Vick threw 2 TD passes and no INT’s. The Eagles defense was extremely stout, and the offense held the ball for 42 minutes. Rob Ryan just got plain out-coached by Andy Reid, whose offense was extremely explosive last night. The Eagles had an answer for every play Dallas threw at them. The Eagles, Cowboys, and Redskins are now all tied for 2nd place in the NFC East with 3-4 records. The Giants are first in that division sitting at 5-2.

San Diego Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are coming off that 28-0 shutout against Oakland, while the Chargers lost last week to the Jets. Although the Chargers don’t have the momentum coming in, I think they’ll look to regroup and prove they’re a playoff team. Philip Rivers will throw 1 INT, but also throw a couple TD’s to offset it. RB’s Mike Tolbert and Ryan Mathews will pound the ground in this one, rushing for a combined 150 yards. While the Chiefs have found a decent RB in Jackie Battle, they wont be able to keep up with the Chargers high-octane offense.

Prediction: Chargers OVER Chiefs

NFL Week 3 Picks

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Carolina Panthers

After Cam Newtons crazy Week 1 performance, we didn’t think much of it, mainly because it was against a sub-par Arizona defense. He needed to prove himself against Green Bay the next week. And you know what? He did. Another dazzling performance by the rook out of Auburn showed us he might just be the real deal. He’ll take the momentum from those two starts into Week 3, when he’ll face a Jaguars defense with a lot of question marks across the field.

On the opposition, we got rook Blaine Gabbert getting the start at QB with MJD at RB. Overall I like Gabbert, but not over Killer Cam.

Final score: CAR 24, JAC 17

San Fransisco 49ers @ Cincinnati Bengals

This matchup pits two weak teams head-to-head. The 49ers got Vernon Davis and Frank Gore as their offensive weapons, with Patrick Willis anchoring that defense. The Bengals are in a clear state of rebuilding, with rookie Andy Dalton at Quarterback and A.J Green at Wide Reciever. I don’t expect the Bengals going over 4-12 this year. This is more of a defensive-oriented matchup because the offenses are fairly balanced.

Final score: 49ers: 17, CIN 14

Miami Dolphins @ Cleveland Browns

Last week, Fins’ QB Chad Henne had an amazing performance against the New England defense. However, the running game wasn’t able to get started at all. Miami will win this game if they can get something going on the ground. Miami has the slight edge in this matchup because they’re QB is a bit more experienced.

The Browns have sophomore Colt Mccoy at Quarterback and Madden 12 cover-boy Peyton Hillis as their Running Back. Their win last week came at the hands of the helpless Colts, so just because they’re 1-1 doesn’t mean much.

Final score: MIA 28, CLE 21

New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills

At first, I wasn’t gonna write anything for this game, because c’mon it’s the Bills man! But since they’ve started 2-0 and the offense is looking really good, I think  they just might challenge this Patriot team a bit more than in previous seasons. Still, this is a win for the Pats, simply because of Brady and how much he brings to the table every Sunday.

Final score: NE 35, BUF 17

New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles

I’m a HUGE Giants fan, but that’s not gonna stop me from giving an accurate preview of this game. Last week, the Giants beat the Rams 28-16. You need to remember though, they beat ’em without Steven Jackson or Danny Amendola and Bradford was slightly hurt. With all the injuries to the Giants D, I just don’t know if they’re gonna be able to contain Mike Vick. And even if they DO contain Mike Vick, he’ll have enough time to find an open receiver downfield.

In addition, Eli’s gonna have a tough day against this Eagles secondary with Aso, DRC and Samuel.

Final score: PHI 24, NYG 17

Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings

In this game, we see two teams going in completely opposite directions. The Lions are making the playoffs this year, and the Vikings can’t just rely on AP to get all their yards for them; they need a QB now! Plus, that Lions D-line is so damn good, McRib’s gonna have no time to throw the ball!

Final score: DET 21, MIN 10

Houston Texans @ New Orleans Saints

Two powerhouse offenses going at it in this one. Can Matt Schaub and that Texans offense keep up with the NO offense led by former Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees. I think so, and even if the Saints are favorites in this one, I think the Texans will win this game.


Final score: HOU 35, NO 31

Denver Broncos @ Tennesse Titans

These two teams are really even; the difference? Chris Johnson. Unless of course Tim Tebow starts for Denver (in that case, he’ll throw for 100,000 yards against the Titans).

Final score: TEN 24, DEN 14

New York Jets @ Oakland Raiders

The Jets and their power running game-offense face off against McFadden and the Raiders. Against this defense, Campbell may as well hand the ball to McFadden 30 times. He’ll break a big one or two given that many carries.

We all know what the Jets can do on offense. Nothing to be said here.

Final score: NYJ 28, OAK 17

Baltimore Ravens @ St. Louis Rams

The Baltimore Ravens defense is too good for this Rams O. Even with Bradford healthy, the Rams won’t get much done.

Final score: BAL 17, STL 10

Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers

A Kansas City team without Jamaal Charles? For the whole season? Disaster will strike, and it will start at today’s game against the Chargers.

Final score: SD 28, KC 14

Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Matt Ryan, Turner Burner, Julio Jones, and Roddy White.

Josh Freeman, LaGerrette smoke a Blount, Mike Williams, and Arrellious where have you Benn?

Enough said.

Final score: ATL 28, TB 14

Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks

Two “rebuilding” teams going at it. The Cards have Beanie Wells as their feature back, with Kevin Kolb at QB and Larry Fitz at WR. Who do the Seahawks have thought? Tarvaris Jackson, Marshawn Lynch, and Mike Williams? The defenses cancel each other out in this matchup.

Final score: ARI 17, SEA 14

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears

There’s no way I can go against this Super Bowl-winning Green Bay Packers team! Especially against the Bears, who’s offense has no identity at all. However, that Windy City D should keep this game closer than people think.

Final score: GB 28, CHI 21

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Indianiapolis Colts

I know the Steelers are the HEAVY favorite in this game (without Peyton, the Colts are lost). BUT, I think this week Kerry Collins utilizes his weapons in Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne to lead his team to victory. Hows that for an upset?

Final score: IND 28, PIT 27


49ers end workouts; Vick gets a deal; more football news in this edition!

Everyone’s anxious about the NFL Lockout. When will it end? Will it affect games? Hell, will there even be a season next year? I got all those questions (and more) answered in this edition of The Sportz Guru.

49ers, Smith end informal workouts

Let’s start with some 49er’s news. Yesterday, the San Fran 49ers officially wrapped up their informal workouts. The workouts were obviously “informal” because the lockout isn’t allowing them to work out the way they usually would. I’ve heard through the grapevine that Alex Smith’s taught as much as Jin Harbaugh’s West Coast offense as he possibly can. He also feels that these workouts puts the 49ers a step ahead of the competition, mainly because some of the other teams didn’t have informal workouts like the 49ers did. These workouts were held at San Jose State, and they did NOT include defensive players; only offensive. It really sounds like Smith’s taking the team on his back here and becoming the leader we all thought he’d be. Now if he can only perform better in the actual GAME, then people would start to realize this guy is for real. I like this idea by Smith; just get the guys workin a bit, doesn’t have to be full on-contact drills, but at least get ‘em workin so when the lockout ends and trainting camp starts they’re close to being ready.

Smiths's effort during this lockout is surely appreciated by 9er fans across the USA. Photo Cred http://helmet2helmet.net

Nike re-signs Vick to an endorsement deal

In other news, Nike re-signed Michael Vick to an endorsement deal yesterday. This comes four years after dropping him for his problems with the law. As you may recall, Vick served 21 months in prison after admitting his involvement in a dog fighting ring. “Vick was voted The Associated Press Comeback Player of the Year after missing two seasons and playing sparingly in 2009”(Credit ESPN.com). What a comeback indeed. Even though a TON of people still hate on him, but I have much respect for a guy that admits he’s guilty, especially when he knows he’s getting a ton of time in the slammer. What do you think of Vick? Do you think Nike did good signing him or do you think they should’ve not signed him?

Vike signed an endorsment deal with Nike yesterday. Photo Cred http://images.forbes.com

NFL Lockout questions

Now I’ll get to the questions I mentioned above. The lockout will end; in fact I’ll even tell you when! It will end during the month of July, mark in on the calendar baby, cuz Goodell and Smith are pretty damn close! It will NOT affect any games during the 2011-2012 season. Obviously, if it the lockout ends this month, there’s gonna be a season, so that question is already answered for us.

Have questions, problem with what I said, answers, anything? COMMENT.

The Courting of Jose Reyes

Remember “The Decision” that was made last summer? You know what I’m talking about right? LeBron James choosing the team that he’d eventually play for in 2011. This decision was made into one of the biggest, if not the biggest, media event of the summer. Just thinking about it again makes me sick to my stomach…Glad the Heat lost in the Finals, they didn’t deserve a championship. As usual, I’m going a little off topic here and I’m letting my mind drift a little too far away from the main issue at hand: The Courting of Jose Reyes.

Reyes is a great player who will evaluate all his options before signing a contract.

If you’re a Mets fan, your probably pissed at the fact that even though Jose wants to stay, the Wilpons don’t have the money to pay him for another contract..As a result, he’ll most likely not be able to return next year, and what will need to happen is either a trade or a free-agency signing. That is where the courting comes in. If he chooses free agency, Jose will jump around from franchise to franchise, seeing where he can get the best bang for his buck. Now, I’m not saying he will pull a LeBron James (nobody ever will), but he will certainly make it a priority to find a good team at a good price; at a price better than what the Mets would pay him. In addition, the Mets aren’t gonna be a title contender anytime soon, so that is another reason why Jose may rather go to another team. I’m a big Mets fan, so I’m just telling it like it is….

Injuries have plagued Jose his whole career. However, this year he’s been remarkably durable and has shown us that his legs are still good for 20 to 25 SB’s a year. I find it ironic that in his contract year, Jose has been able to stay injury-free AND have a great season. Who’s to say that this performance we’re seeing this year is just a one-hit-wonder for Jose? Hey, he might be this good 5 years from now, but we can’t be sure because he hasn’t had any other seasons where he’s played this good while being free of injuries.

I’ll be surprised if he takes a pay cut OR if he makes it a big media event like LeChoke James did..His reputation would drop as fast as Michael Vick’s…He obviously doesn’t want that to happen..

What do you think will happen? Comment in the box below and tell me what you think.

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