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DeMarcus Cousins is Not that Good

We all know DeMarcus Cousins is a pretty good basketball player with a ton of potential. In fact, most fans would consider him a future All-Star.

Unfortunately, his temper tantrums led to the firing of coach Paul Westphal. Because Westphal was not able to control Cousins’ attitude on and off the court, he was fired. The Kings had a 2-5 record at the time of the firing.

My question is: why would you fire a head coach after only 7 games? Was DeMarcus Cousins really good enough to fire your head coach over? If it were up to me, I would’ve traded Cousins and gotten some picks and players out of it. That would have been a win-win situation because: 1) Cousins would’ve been happy on a different team and 2) the Kings would’ve gotten some picks and players in exchange for Cousins.

I almost forgot: 3) They wouldn’t have had to deal with Cousins’ temper tantrums anymore!

Wow I’m almost on a rant here… I just can’t believe how stupid the Kings’ ¬†executives are!

ESPN.com reports that Westphal was 51-120 with the Kings in his 2 years in Sac City.

Question: do you think the Kings did the right thing? Should they have kept Westphal and traded Cousins?