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Sunday Night Football Pick: PHI @ NYG

So far, today’s games have been fun to watch. In fact, some have even gone to the last-minute or OT. This week’s SNF matchup pits the Giants at home against the Philly Eagles. The Eagles are 3-6 and are the opposite of the “Dream Team” moniker bestowed by Vince Young before this season. Speaking of Vince Young, he’ll have to QB this game for the Eagles because Vick is out with 2 cracked ribs. Also, the Eagles will not have Jeremy Maclin in this game, as he’s injured as well. On the plus side, LeSean McCoy has looked like an All-Pro this season, racking up 906 yards, a 5.5 avg, and 10 TD.

On the other side, we’ve got Eli Manning and the Giants coming off that loss to the 49ers. Although the 49ers won fair and square, I think the Giants played a good game and stayed competitive. I think that because the 49ers are a 9-1 team, so staying within a TD of that aint too bad. Although Bradshaw won’t be back, we do get Hakeem Nicks back from injury. Eli has been playing great football and has come up in the clutch when it’s needed the most.

Bottom line, the Giants will need to win this game in order to stay atop the NFC East. I think they’ll do just that: Giants OVER Eagles.




SNF Pick: Cowboys @ Eagles

The Cowboys travel to Philly to take on the Eagles in this SNF matchup. Will DeMarco Murray repeat his performance from last week? I don’t think so, however I do think he’ll surpass 100 yards rushing. The Eagles are coming off a bye; teams this year coming off byes are losing their games. Romo will find a way to put some points up, but in the end (as usual), the Cowboys will lose.

Prediction: Eagles OVER Cowboys

Romo will lead his team to almost-victory status, but will lose in the end (dallasobserver.com)

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Week 6 Picks, 1st Half

Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons

Last week, the Falcons made some stupid mistakes on offense and defense; as a result, they lost to Green Bay. Their run game looked anemic and Matty Ice couldn’t get it going through the air either. Albeit the Panthers are 1-4, they’ve been close in every game so far. I think this week the Panthers will finally get over the hump and beat the Falcons to improve to 2-4.

Prediction: Panthers over Falcons by 10

Newton will look to beat the Falcons this week on the road. Photo cred thecovertwo.com

Indianapolis Colts @ Cincinnati Bengals

We all thought the Colts would be different without Manning, but 0-5? That’s the exact opposite of the Lions’ record! I’ve predicted them to win the last two weeks, and both weeks they disappointed me. This week, I’m goin with the 3-2 Cincinnati Bengals at home.

Prediction: Bengals over Colts by 14

Dalton will look to receivers A.J Green and Jerome Simpson in Atlanta this week. Photo cred blogs.denverpost.com

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Considering the Steelers are playing at home in this one, I don’t think the Jags will win. Sure, they may come close, but Big Ben knows how to close out games, especially if he’s behind late in the 4th. The only way I see Jacksonville winning is if they can create turnovers and get through that Steel Curtain.

Prediction: Steelers over Jags by 17

Big Ben can definitely change a game with his feelt AND with his arm. Photo cred pictures.gi.zimbio.com

Buffalo Bills @ New York Giants

In this one, we’ve got an inter-state matchup between the G-Men and the surging Bills. I’d like to think the Giants can pull this one out, but considering how great the Bills are playing now and how sporadic the Giants offense is, it’s a tough call. Ultimately, I say the Bills win on the road to put themselves at 5-1.

Prediction: Bills over Giants by 7

Fitz is looking like a real quarterback out there. (boston.com/sports) Photo cred

San Fransisco 49ers @ Detroit Lions

The Lions are 5-0 coming into this game, and have won their last 9 games dating back to last season. Will they be able to keep it alive for one more week? If Stafford can get the ball to Megatron, they will beat the 49ers; I have no doubt about that. I think Detroit will get on the board early and force the 49ers to take some shots deep, which will leave Alex Smith vulnerable.

Prediction: Lions over 49ers by 17

Megatron has 9 TD's in the first 5 games this season. (1rebel.files.wordpress.com)

St. Louis Rams @ Green Bay Packers

Sam Bradford is definitely in a sophomore slump this season; he can’t stay on the field! When he does get the chance to play, he under-performs. He has no real receiving threats (unless you count MSW). On the other hand, the Packers have too many offensive and defensive playmakers to count; maybe they should lend the Rams some just for this game?

Prediction: Packers over Rams by 21

Rodgers has a ton of offensive weapons to throw to. Photo cred nflpassers.com

Philidelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins

Oh, what a great NFC-East battle this is. These two teams always play great games, and this one should be no exception. The ‘Dream Team’ is 1-4 right now and I don’t think they will fix their problems anytime soon. The Redskins will pound them in this game using Tim Hightower to take advantage of that sub-par linebacking core.

Prediction: Redskins over Eagles by 10

Hightower will be given the ball a lot this game (pictures.zimbio.com) Photo cred

Remember, the 2nd half of my Week 6 picks are coming tomorrow early in the mornin, so stay tuned!

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Week 5 Second Half Analysis

Back to analyzing, here I go:

Philadelphia Eagles 24 @ Buffalo Bills 31

While I did say the Eagles have more explosive players than the Bills, it was Buffalo who was able to pull off the win here. I don’t know what’s up with the ‘Dream Team’ this year, but they’re not looking like a dream at all. They now stand at 1-4 and I think the majority of NFL fans are surprised the Bills record is even better than the Eagles, let alone 3 games better (4-1). Vick had 315 yards passing, 139 of them going to receiver Jason Avant. Buffalo RB Fred Jackson had 111 yards rushing, which ultimately helped them win this game. Next week, the Bills face the Giants in Metlife and the Eagles travel to Washington.

Prediction: Incorrect

Jackson had another good game last week with 111 yards rushing against the Eagles (rotoblogffb.files.wordpress.com)

 Tampa Bay Bucs 3 @ San Francisco 49ers 48

I don’t think anybody saw this one coming. Good win for the 49ers to boost morale. Anyway, Freeman only had 187 yards passing, Gore had 125 rushing yards, and Josh Morgan had 75 receiving yards. Next week, the 49ers go up against the hot Lions, while the Bucs host the Saints at home.

Predction: Correct

Gore looked like his old self last Sunday as he rushed for 125 yards (nflpassers.com)

New York Jets 21 @ New England 30

Did anybody expect the Jets to win this one? New England came into this game red-hot off a W at Oakland and the Jets lost to the Ravens in the same week. Brady lit up the defense to the tune of 321 yards with Wes Welker going for 124 of those yards. The Law Firm had 136 yards on the ground; judging by those numbers alone, it looks like NE had an easy time against this Jets D. The Jets have now fallen to 2-3 on the year and are looking lost. Next week they face the Dolphins in a MNF matchup at home, while NE hosts Dallas in Foxboro.

Prediction: Correct

The Law Firm had a field day against the Jets, rushing for 136 yards en-route to a win (biographyplayers.com)

San Diego Chargers 29 @ Denver Broncos 24

This game was much closer than I expected, however it was obvious who was going to win from the very beginning. After Tebow was put in for Orton, Denver almost rallied to beat the Chargers, but they were able to hang on and improve to 4-1. That last tid-bit of info is kind of weird considering Norv Turner’s Chargers don’t do well in the beginning of seasons, but pick it up in late November and December. Maybe we’ll see the opposite occur this year? At any rate, Philip Rivers had 250 yards passing, 100 (exactly 100@) yards going to Malcom Floyd. Willis McGahee (not Knowshon Moreno) rushed for 125 yards, but it wasn’t enough to win. Next week, the Broncos and the Chargers are on their bye.

Prediction: Correct

Will Tim Tebow get the start in Week 7? (cdn.everyjoe.com)

Green Bay Packers 25 @ Atlanta Falcons 14

I was pretty damn close to predicting the exact spread this game (10 as opposed to the actual 11). Nothing really to say about this game, besides that Atlanta made some stupid mistakes late in the 4th to seal the victory for the Pack. Rodgers had 396 yards passing with James Jones getting 140 of those yards. Atlanta’s RB Michael Turner had 56 yards rushing and one TD, but they needed more than that to win this one. Julio Jones left the game early with a hamstring injury. Speaking of Jones, they needed more production out of him if they wanted to win Sunday, and they didn’t get it. Next week, the Falcons take on the Panthers at home and the Packers take on St Louis at home.

Prediction: Correct

Rodgers had 396 yards in the Packers' win over the Falcons (images.teamtalk.com)

Chicago Bears 13 @ Detroit Lions 24

Detroit beat Chicago last night, improving to 5-0 for the first time since 1956. Chicago looked really rattled out there, commiting 9 false start penalties. Against this Lions pass rush, the Bears O-Line just couldn’t hold up; the pocket broke down often, either forcing Cutler to run, throw, or get sacked. Matthew Stafford threw 2 TD passes and Jahvid Best had 163 yards rushing, including an 88 yard TD run. Megatron had 130 yards and a TD, increasing his total to 9 TD’s in the first 5 games of the season: that’s an NFL record now. How many TD’s will he score by season’s end? I say 25, but I’m going out on a limb there a little bit. Next week, the Lions host the 49ers in Detroit and the Bears host the Vikings in Chicago.

Prediction: Correct

Megatron has 9 TD's in the first 5 games of this season (oneseasonnation.com)

Comment and tell me what you think.






Plaxico Burress Finally out of Jail after 20 Months

“Dont Drop the Soap”-Anonymous

One minute, he was celebrating a last-minute TD in the Super Bowl; the next, he was put into prison. I think you know who I’m talking about (obvious in the title, huh). Plaxico Burress was released from prison today on June 6th, 2011 after serving a sentence for illegal possession of a gun in a public place. Sounds stupid right? I thought the 2nd amendment to the Constitution allows us to bear arms…Hmm maybe I didn’t have my reading glasses on..

It seems that nobody remembers his 2007 Super Bowl game-winning reception to break the Patriots undefeated season. I understand that other plays contributed to that win (Tyree), but we should still remember him as a pretty good possession receiver that could run deep once or twice a game too. Here’s the vid:

Tell me that wasn’t awesome!