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Clemens walks free, NFL/ NFLPA making progress

In my last article, I talked about how slow sports are these days. With no NFL free agency and no NBA news at all, the only major news is baseball (which isn’t a bad sport, it’s just in the middle of the season so it’s not as exciting as October). Obviously, sports such as golf, NASCAR, and tennis are year-round; however they don’t draw in the pure fan base that football, basketball, OR baseball do. Who’s gonna watch some 80 cars circling a track for 500 miles (200 laps)? Whenever I watch (once a year, the prostegious Daytona 500), I watch the last 5 laps..I know the other 195 laps are important as well, but it’s just too boring. That’s like watching football when 2 teams ONLY run the ball. No big plays, once in a while a 30 yard gain, but otherwise 2 and 3 yard gains…

Forgot to mention crashes are the best part. Photo Cred Bleacherreport.net

With golf, it’s sorta different. Pro golf is boring to me too, but at least there’s exciting putts once in a while. Tiger Woods WAS a joy to watch, during his seemingly unstoppable run where he like never was out of the Top 3 in any tourney. Now Rory Mcllroy is the hot shit, but can he keep it that way? He’s real young, so he has time to faulter, as well as time to shine.

Mcilroy hard at work. Photo cred blogspot.com

Tennis is the HARDEST sport i’ve ever played, to be brutally honest. So I kinda have some respect for those athletes, although I don’t like listening to them grunting like they’re having sex. But when Anna Kournikova is grunting, my oh my I’m the first one to rush to the TV.

Clemens walks free

Let’s get down to business now. Yesterday, Roger Clemens’ case was declared a mistrial after prosecutors failed to prove that the former all-star committed perjury. If I remember correctly from middle school, he cannot be tried again because of the “double jeopardy” rule in the U.S Constitution. It’s obvious he did commit perjury. Here’s  my thing with these cases: why would the defendant be on trial if he didn’t commit the crime. Why would the prosecutors go thought so much trouble to put him in jail if they weren’t 100% sure he commited the crime? Tell me what you think of this in the comments section. I know my opinion is a bit harsh, so tell me also where you stand on that.

Clemens is free after a judge declared a mistrial in his perjury case.

NFL/NFLPA making progress

“A source with knowledge of the NFL talks told ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio on Thursday night that the negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement are headed toward a settlement” (Cred ESPN.com). That’s great news for us NFL fans, as it looks like a season WILL happen. I’ve recently predicted that the new CBA will be signed in the month of July, so they’ve got 15 more days or so for my prediction to be correct. Read the full article at http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/6768521/nfl-lockout-owners-players-moving-cba-settlement-source-says


LT, nuff said. Photo cred blogspot.com

Mcllroy Runs Away with U.S Open Title

I don’t normally write about golf, so here goes:


Two months ago, Rory Mcllroy was on pace to win the Masters. However, his brutal collapse forced him to a different place in the tourney: 15th. Many people still think that this guy can be the next Tiger Woods, hopefully minus the sex scandals and whatnot. He’s definitely shown he can keep up with the old chaps, provided that he stays focused. Mcllroy shot a record-breaking 16-under-par at this year’s U.S. Open. This guy can really play; I don’t normally care for golf, but damn do I love watching this guy. Looks like what happened at Augusta didn’t really affect him.

Mcllroy Ahead in U.S. Open

Every golf fanatic remembers Rory Mcllroy chocking late in the 2011 Masters. It almost resembles LeChoke James’ collapse during the NBA Finals, right? So far in the U.S. Open, Mcllroy is shooting a 6-under-par 65 and has a 3 stroke lead over Y.E Yang and Carl Schwartzel. He looks very focused and his shots are right on. Personally, I think he’ll take this lead going into Sunday and close out with the win. Rory is a great golfer, and he knows how to play while ahead. However, he has plenty of time to falter as there are still 3 days of tournament play left. What do you think will happen?