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Week 11 Picks

To be honest, I have the exact same picks as my friend jstar1973 (that’s his Twitter handle). So, I’d like to put that link up in this post for you guys to read. The post is short and sweet, so you definitely won’t be bored with 500-word paragraphs:


Life is Boring Without Basketball

This is getting really frustrating. When I finally finish my homework (after 6 hours), take a shower, and sit down to watch NBA on ESPN, it’s not there! A real tragedy, it is. Mondays SuckIf you’re not an NBA fan, you are effing insane; how could you not like basketball? Or hearing this wonderful theme song every night? Just talking about it is making my mouth water. From what I’ve heard, the NBA and NBPA have no further negotiations scheduled. That is very bad news for us fans, especially considering now Stern just cancelled all November games. It looks like we’ll be without NBA basketball for at least 2 months, because even if they do get a deal signed mid-December, they still can’t start until some practices are done. I know some of my good friends on Twitter are dyin’ right now because of the Lockout. The players are losing money, the owners are losing money, the coaches are losing money, the fans are losing basketball.

I can’t really fault either side thought, both of them just want more money. Who can blame them? If I walked up to you today and told you: ” Would you like a $15,000 pay raise?”, I don’t think you would say no. If you said no to that offer, you might be the most humble person I’ve ever met.

Although I have previously stated that the owners have the majority of the fault, that is not true. When people see an opportunity to make more money (for NBA players, millions of $ more), they jump at it. That’s what both sides are doing, and I can’t blame them either way. If the players gave in, I think that would have an effect on the way they play the game; you would see less of an overall effort. I think that because they would feel “out of it” every time they went out and did their thing.
Let me relate that to an everyday-worker kinda thing. It would be like every day being Monday. <=== Read that again. Every Single Day is Monday. There is no hope. No yes moment.

And every time they collect their paychecks, they will be reminded of their failures in the negotiations room.

Till next time,



Thank You for the Views

Yesterday, I posted my WS Game 1 recap at round 11 a.m. When I got home from school (3 p.m.), I had a decent 65 views. Now here’s the focus of today’s post: when I checked again at 10 p.m., I had a whopping 324 views! I know some of you are thinking, “This is a sports blog, why is he writing about this?” Well, I have my reasons. I noticed that about 270 of my 324 views came from a website called StumbleUpon. When somebody finds your work interesting, they might click on the ‘Stumble‘ button at the bottom of the post! If that happens, the reader publishes it for millions people to see! If the work keeps getting ‘Stumbled’ (like Digg), it will grow in popularity until the whole Stumble community sees it! Obviously my work didn’t make it that far, but I was still shocked I got so many views just from this one website.

In addition to educating you on http://www.stumbleupon.com/home/, I wanted to say thank you to whoever ‘Stumbled’ my work. To me, this shows much more than just a ‘Like’ or a ‘Comment’. This shows me that you guys want other people to see it, which is just so heartening.

Once again, thank you to whoever Stumbled it, thank you for the subsequent views.

But most of all, thanks for reading!

Till next time,



Terry Francona to leave Red Sox?

Reports are surfacing now on Twitter that Terry Francona (Red Sox manager) might not resign for next year. The reason Francona might leave/get fired is because his team blew a 9 game lead going into September by going 7-20. In addition, Terry recently talked about how his team “Became challenging” (NECN.com). My buddy @TonyJVilleGroup on Twitter said it best in this tweet: “Spend $342 million on your payroll the last 2 years & blow a 9 game lead in September, somebody’s gotta go. #RedSox“. 

I’m going to bed now, so if Francona get’s fired overnight I can’t really report it. But if he gets fired I will have the latest report for you. Until then, @TheSportzGuru is out.

Dr. Shaq Retires After 19 Spectacular Seasons

What? No way. Dr. Shaq?

Sadly, yes.

Shaquille O’Neal announced his retirement today (via Twitter). Shaq gave us 19 fun-filled seasons by way of his sense of humor and his ability to score the basketball. He was also a fantastic rebounder, averaging 10.9 rebounds per game.

The Big Shamrock Announced His Retirement From the NBA (via Twitter) on Wednesday.

Couple that with a 58.2 field goal percentage and you have a great player right there. Almost 60%? That’s 6 out of 10 shots made! This stat shows his excellent shot selection (knowing when to take a shot, when to pass it off, etc).The stat that really surprised me was his free throw percentage. It’s a staggering 52.7%. We all knew that free throws aren’t his forte, but c’mon, 52.7? Couldn’t get a number like 60 or 65? Honestly, that’s a pretty horrible percentage. I’m in high school and I think I can make at least 60%. Our coach tells us that 60% is average for HIGH SCHOOL. That means Shaq shot below the average for a HIGH SCHOOL basketball team. Just think about that…He’s getting payed millions of dollars a year right? He should be better than a group of high school kids 10 years younger than him.

“O’Neal ranks fifth all-time in points (28,596), and won four NBA championships, three NBA Finals MVP awards, two scoring titles and one league MVP” (Credit miamiherald.com). That pretty much sums up the basketball part of his career. Anyone to contest his future-HOF status obviously has never watched the Big Shamrock play. He was also a 15-time All-Star during his 19-year career. That’s only 4 years of non-All star status.

Here’s to Shaq, one of the Top 10 Greatest to ever play the game of Basketball!

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